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  1. Try to abstract and be alone with yourself, to hear your inner voice. Let go of the situation and look at it from the outside. Ask yourself questions about exciting topics, be extremely honest and frank, because you are dealing with yourself. The answers come when we are ready for them, are you ready? If so, then go ahead, because you probably already know the answer, and it's in you.�

    “All the answers to all the questions lie within you. Have the courage to take it and open it” – Polozkova

  2. I think it's worth the risk. This is more interesting than just being afraid and thinking whether to do this or that action or not. Just take a risk and don't be afraid that if it doesn't work out,because this is always a life experience and in the future you will not make the same mistake that you made before.

  3. To fix everything that is certain, you can write it down directly on a piece of paper.

    Then fix the desired goal, no matter how abstract it may be. In any case, it will have some clear specific parameters.

    Then, looking at them, come up with the maximum number of different scenarios for achieving what you want, based on a certain one.

    When you've made up your mind, all you have to do is choose the one you need. Identify the most important comparison criteria and go ahead.

  4. Leave it to itself, let it be determined. And it is even better to solve this concept using mathematics if possible. And the best thing is to ignore it altogether.

  5. If, after careful analysis and consideration, the uncertainty still remains, then you should take it and flip a coin. As it falls out, so do it. This way you won't waste time on unnecessary doubt.

  6. Analyze whether it is possible to apply the Lopital rule, if it is possible to use it naturally, it is not for nothing that it exists in our world 🙂

  7. Hi! I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure. Indecision runs deep in people. Recently, I spent quite a long time talking about life and came to the conclusion that people don't know something. I realized that they don't know what they want. They just live and don't pursue their dreams, because they don't know their desires in person. This is what creates indecision. Indecision in everything: in the choice of music, food, and even people with whom they communicate. We are always attracted to people who make decisions without slowing down – this is one of the qualities of a leader. Do you want to be the same? Just go ahead and do whatever scares you. Jump into the hot tub where the girl of your dreams is sitting. Don't know what to say to her, but jump in the hot tub anyway. While making a choice, two selves are fighting in me. Pros and cons. Don't listen to the second one, just jump in the hot tub.

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