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  1. I wish I'd asked my grandmother for forgiveness. We had a little fight before she died, but I never had a chance to talk to her afterwards and make up. It all happened so suddenly. A lesson to me for the rest of my life.

  2. As a child, I was a shy child and didn't talk much to the relatives I rarely met.

    I regret that I didn't ask my grandparents about their lives, didn't tell them how happy I was with them. Now, unfortunately, this is no longer possible.

    It's not enough just to realize what you did wrong, or didn't do. You need to fix this in your head and do it differently in the future. Not just to not regret it, but to learn to live.

  3. I regret that I was afraid to tell people what I think. I always tried to tell them what they wanted to hear. I was afraid to offend you if I spoke out.

    I also regret that since childhood I was too shy to tell my mother about my love.. I wanted to hug her, but I didn't..

  4. “No, I won't smoke spice.”�
    That phrase, delivered on time, could have saved me a whole lot of trouble. �And also save the nerves of the police and a stray dog thrown into their car through the windshield.

  5. I regret that I did not tell my mother in December 2014: “withdraw rubles and buy dollars. And tell your grandmother that I would withdraw rubles and buy dollars. Take a loan in rubles and buy dollars. We'll sell it in a month.”

  6. It was when I was a child, and my mother sent me to the store to buy bread, giving me fifty kopecks. I rode on the dreary cabbage soup for an important part of the diet. I come to the store, say: “Auntie, please give me a loaf of harvest bread” and solemnly hand her a fifty-kopeck piece. She passes me a roll of the freshest bread, and with it the change, and I look into her hand with the money and see that she has calculated me as if I had given her 100 rubles. But the little Jew in me played a bad role and took everything, shouting “Thank you” loudly. So that's what I wish I'd told her that she'd cheated, but not in my favor.

  7. About words of love to the people I feel this way about. Parents and friends. I say this so rarely that it looks like I almost never do. However, all of us are not eternal, and there are times when I very much regret that I was afraid to say some kind words, I was afraid to say how dear and important a person is to me, how I need him and how warmly I treat him. It seems that I really wanted to say it, but somehow I couldn't do it, not because I didn't feel it, but because at the moment of some “surge of feelings” we still somehow “hold” and control ourselves internally. Such words seem superfluous to us and we keep them in our minds. People in general sometimes tend to be afraid of showing emotions. And then it's just too late. Therefore, one of my main personal life conclusions is that if there are any feelings, then you should talk about them and you should not be silent.

  8. I wish I'd told my dad how much he meant to me. I regret that I did not tell many people about my thoughts and difficulties, this could have saved the relationship.

  9. Personally, I regret that I didn't properly apologize to my best friend at the time. Life doesn't have a storyline, like in a book or a movie, and the script is determined not by the diet, not by morality, not even by something reasonable, but by an absolutely inhuman and senseless, idiotic, ironic combination of circumstances. Which, as I understand it, not only to me, but also to many other people-bends and squeezes, turns out and shakes their life path. Never be afraid or shy away from your possible wrongness.

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