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  1. In general, I do not do it with special originality, but simply wish the person something good. Just like now, for example: Good luck to you, my friend!

  2. A couple of times I saw a succinct answer, in which there are 50 characters, but it expresses exactly the idea that answers the author's specific question. Well, here, apart from the fact that “brevity is the sister of talent”, there is nothing more to add.

    Although for me (purely my opinion) it is interesting to read answers where there are 500 characters, i.e. the answer is not much expanded and you read for half a minute.

  3. Someone wrote a recipe for mashed potatoes after the main answer (not related to recipes and nutrition). Well, it's a good idea: both characters are enough and useful.

  4. Wit is rarely appropriate in any answers, as it usually requires a neutral answer that is written in a scientific or journalistic style. And as for the volume, you just need to expand the argumentation presented in as much detail as possible.

    The use of specific witty expressions can only be appropriate for deliberately philosophical and controversial issues that are given exaggerated serious importance. This serious significance can be debunked. It is impossible to advise template expressions here, otherwise what kind of wit will it be?

    Attempts to destroy the foundations of the topic raised by the author of the question with an apt word are always in some way a dispute, an attempt to come to a conflict (some part of the audience of this site will also be involved in the conflict, which agrees with the serious perception of the issue). You need to be prepared for this conflict.

    If the author did not expect a serious and complete answer, then you do not need to answer it at all, since subtle trolling or fooling around is not worth spending time playing pseudo-wit.

  5. Meaningful and useful ones that provide the answer with completeness and interest.

    And not like this one, which I fill in so that the answer meets TheQuestion rules.

  6. I think that the answer probably isn't complete enough, since it doesn't get even the minimum number of characters. And I think that it would be possible to add something else to complement it.

  7. I haven't answered this myself yet, but many people just finish off symbols, such as dots. And just add “so that the answer meets the requirement of one hundred and forty characters”. And so, you can also pour any “water” so that the answer is longer than 140 characters.

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