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  1. Music. It was taught by a dry old lady who loved music to the moon and back. It has nothing to do with my future profession, but thanks to Elizaveta Leonidovna, I fell in love with classical music.

  2. Maintenance work. Yes, that's what it was called.
    They never taught me how to cook (fortunately, the basics of this skill were acquired at numerous gatherings with friends), sew – too (even a few years of live-action role-playing games did not save me), embroidery is still my fear and pain, and we were not taught anything else.

    And if the other subjects gave me at least some skills that may not be directly related (such as the ability to navigate a textbook and prepare for an exam two hours before it, write independent ones on a topic that was previously unknown, or calculate the approximate distance to an object on a map), then work is not. Nothing at all.

  3. So-called “computer science” in the absence of computers. We wrote the program code in checkered notebooks. We counted steps and put dots. Before the appearance of the 95th Windows was still 7 years…

  4. I am of the opinion that any experience we have gained will come in handy someday. Therefore, it seems to me that there are no useless subjects at school or meaningless classes at the university. I once read Joel Spolsky's wonderful book “Again about Programming”. I really remember his story that they chose students with a high GPA (including non-core and tedious subjects) for an internship in their company. The reason was simple – since a person can do well doing things that are not very interesting or boring for him, then his perseverance is enough to solve routine production tasks (if they come across them).

    But, probably, the most striking event of my life, which strengthened this point of view, was such a case. I used to think that life support was the biggest waste of time in school. And then, when one day there was a fire in our dorm on the 9th floor, and I was stuck several floors above, this knowledge, surfaced from the depths of my memory, helped me not to do anything stupid and stay alive and healthy.You never know when or what we'll need in life…

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