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  1. My friend fell asleep very tired. In the dream, I woke up and heard the door open with the usual creak, footsteps, someone came right up to the bed and stopped right next to it. She couldn't turn her head. This was the most terrifying moment. Then she was able to scream (not a good word) and woke up.

  2. It was probably the most terrifying feeling I've ever had. Especially when you don't know it's sleep paralysis yet. I woke up lying on my back, as usual in my bed. I saw my room in front of me and tried to get out of bed, but I couldn't.My body was completely paralyzed, although I could see everything with my eyes. Panic seized me,and I started screaming (although according to my mother, who was in the kitchen at that moment, there was no screaming). After two or three minutes, after several attempts to get up, I had the feeling that I was not alone in the room. �Feeling the presence of a dark, otherworldly little creature. He stood in the corridor and looked at me from there, and then he ran up to me quickly, his crutches clattering. And the worst part is…. I could hear him breathing next to me. I tried to force myself to turn around and look at him, but I couldn't. Then he grabbed me from behind with his hands and began to press on my chest. It was hard to breathe. As I struggled to escape, I jerked awake. I also remember hearing a loud growl when I woke up. Creepy and scary.
    It was about 6 years ago, and now it repeats three times in half a year and always in different ways. But now it's even kind of interesting, because you understand and realize that this is sleep paralysis. I also found out that my grandmother also does this often. Having recently told her about sleep paralysis, she was very surprised that this happens to many people.

  3. I usually caught sleepy paralysis at dawn, when it was already four o'clock, and it wasn't dark, but the sun wasn't up, either

    1. Still a teenager. Shared a room with my sister. I opened my eyes, but I can't move. Out of the corner of my eye, I see something slip through the open door and approach (or rather swim smoothly) my bed. I lie on my side and see only thin and long legs covered with a translucent cloth. I took this obsession for my sister (lol, how, the growth of this creature was almost to the ceiling, and his hands almost dragged on the floor-do not ask, the brain just did not think). It throws up its hands above me and starts moving them, producing a characteristic sound-who had film cameras ,, soap boxes,, will remember – after the picture, the capacitors emit a funny whine. And the sound pours through the room. My first thought is that my sister decided to take a picture of me in my sleep for some reason. I try to call out her name. Three times it turns out and I finally return to reality. My sister is sleeping in the next bed. The only case of sleepy with sounds and temperature – I felt cool from the hands of this shit.

    2. Already an adult. It's the same house, but I'm alone in it, just sleeping in the next room. The door to the room opens (in general, the jamb of the door itself-it opened from any vibration) and a black silhouette runs into the room – you can't really make out anything at dusk, it looks like a man, holding something that looks like a kitchen knife in his hand. I'm lying with my face to the wall, and all I can see is him running in, out of sight. Then there was a hard kick in the rib and a sharp pain that made me jump up. What is most interesting is that the pain did not go away for several hours, although visually there were no traces at the site of the impact.

    3. Not particularly interesting. Occurred between the first and second time. That was the last time I slept in that bedroom. I open my eyes and there's a dead man in front of me. Blue, even more purple, puffy, with expressionless eyes protruding. He just stands by the bed and looks at my face. I slowly turn my pupils( this is very difficult for some reason) and see that the whole room is literally filled with them-here is a dead man sitting on the table, here is another leaning on the windowsill, a third is sitting on my old bed and another, and another… And everyone looks at me in some kind of silent expectation. I started moving my fingers and came out of the state.

  4. Sleep paralysis came on the same day I asked about it. I remember lying in bed, trying to sleep, my eyes open, thinking, “Well, if I can't sleep, I'll go get some water,” and then I couldn't move. At first I was confused, but then I remembered S. P. and calmed down. After a couple of seconds, I began to hear at first a quiet, but quickly gaining volume, dubstep sound, “wob wob wob”. When the volume reached maximum, I began to see hallucinations – blurry pink circles, like waves in a puddle. His mind was surprisingly clear. I started to say loudly that I couldn't move, but I immediately realized that I was only shouting in my head. This did not last long, about 2-3 minutes. I soon fell asleep.

  5. During one of my sleep paralysis sessions, I felt like I'd fallen out of bed. Moreover, it seemed that the bed was not half a meter from the floor, but as if you were lowered from the stairs. I flew over and landed back on the bed, rolling over and over several times.

    And once again, the whole body, as usual, “froze”, and only the brain remained as an entity and watched the motionless body. And the body was represented as a shell, a box. But then, fortunately, my brain was distracted by a dream in which a man showed me his collection of octopuses and I managed to wake up with my limbs moving.

  6. Since paralysis occurs consistently 3-4 times a month, I can give a lot of terribly funny visions, but the most painful experience was a whole carousel of several paralysis that came one after another.

    When the first of them came, and this is determined by terrible ringing in the ears and hallucinations, I immediately closed my eyes and made attempts to move my fingers and toes ( a life hack for those who also suffer from paralysis-tested on myself). It helped. I opened my eyes, even turned on my side and saw a white thing that looked vaguely like a child. My ears were filled with the ringing again, which became so high that it resembled a squeak, blurring absolutely the entire auditory space. Of course, I realized that this sensation before the second paralysis was a normal dream. In short, this cycle was repeated 5-6 times – paralysis and normal sleep imperceptibly replaced each other. At some point, I was so tired of this agonizing whirl, the terrible noise around me and my own helplessness that I just gathered all my moral strength and shouted ” get the fuck away from me, please.” I woke up and walked away from what had happened for a long time. It's probably the strangest thing I've ever done)

  7. I've been living side by side with sleep paralysis for a long time. I've seen a lot over the years, both creepy and just plain weird. Once, for example, a baby sat on a chair opposite my bed and talked to me in a man's bass voice. The contrast was comical. I would have laughed, but because of the well-known paralysis, I couldn't move.

    Mostly, in this state, I experience sound hallucinations. Often these are just voices that gradually accelerate and gain in volume. But most of all, I remember the time when I had the opportunity to listen to one of Zimmer's compositions with deafening sonority. It felt great.

    Conclusion: paralysis doesn't have to be horrific. If you realize that you are in a similar state, you need to relax and convince yourself that it is about to pass. Good luck!

  8. I remember my grandmother telling me that she was strangled in her sleep. By all accounts, it looks like sleep paralysis. It was like this: she went to sleep on the floor in the next room, as there were guests. Then she falls asleep and suddenly feels that someone is sitting on her. He opens his eyes, and there is a small disheveled man with the face of a grandfather (grandmother's husband). And now imagine this horror, when this miracle with the face of a loved one suffocates you. I can imagine it-it gives me the creeps.

    I've had paralysis myself four times. The feeling is not the best. But the only thing I saw was a cat (which isn't there) jumping from the table to my bed. Well, I couldn't speak, I think I was ready to go crazy at that moment. Just like that 🙂

  9. There were plenty of such cases, but the most memorable one is: “Tired, I went to bed as usual. Before going to bed, I opened my eyes for just a couple of seconds. Right in front of my ” face “, a certain character in a white kimono tied with a “black belt” was gnawing with his eyes, while simultaneously conducting a blow called a “pinwheel”in the” side of my head”…. Oddly enough, upon reaching his leg my face,,, I passed out, fell asleep.

  10. I was mooing last night.It was funny and scary, before going to bed I watched cats and dogs in Insta could not fall asleep and fell asleep in the morning , so someone was sitting on me and this is someone fat black cat on my chest facing me. Creepy performance and I tried to catch but my hands as if a cat was passing by, but at the same time I clearly saw my lying down – crossed arms and at the same time ghostly hands were trying to grab the cat.

  11. In my sleep paralysis, I was drowning in a limitless ocean, and when I was drowning, I saw only water and an ice floe with a duck on it, but the main thing was that I felt that I was lying on a bed and some people in black robes were looking at me and saying something. When I closed my eyes, I saw that I was drowning, when I opened my eyes, I saw creatures in robes. And all the time I was trying to make any sound or move my finger.

  12. In the summer, I had to deal with paralysis very often due to a disturbed sleep pattern. Once even 3 noyai in a row covered, I was afraid to fall asleep. And of course I can describe almost every case.

    I'll start with the sweet stuff. It was the best sleep paralysis ever — then I had sex with a girl and it was eerily real, literally everything was felt.

    Other times I saw tunnels with lights, auditory hallucinations, whether it was an incomprehensible spell from a man or the sound of a plane nearby. I didn't seem to see any silhouettes, but the feeling of squeezing was constant.

  13. I've only had sleep paralysis twice in my life.
    It was like this, my grandfather gave us two porcelain dolls, they were beautiful,elegant. But still, they really stressed me out and scared me.
    I remember my mother put them on the nightstand in the hallway, and there they were clearly visible from the hall.
    And so we went to bed with my mother, we did not close the door in the hall as if for evil, and when I lay down, I had a direct view of the dolls.
    And when I fell asleep, I immediately opened my eyes, I can see the whole room,I can't move,my mother is sleeping next to me. I try to somehow signal my mother to wake up,but it was all even.
    Then,out of the corner of my eye, I see one of the dolls looking at me with such a big smile,and the other with some kind of expression on her face, like she's very scared. After, one of the dolls starts to approach, and then it's already on top of me, after, I abruptly woke up in a sweat.

  14. The most unpleasant sensation is someone's touch. They seem to get under the skin and even deeper, into the organs. This is somewhat painful. The second unpleasant feeling, as if you get into some kind of field, such as a magnetic one, and it affects you, presses, makes noise. However, there are no comparisons, but to put it mildly, the discomfort is through the roof.

    However, if you seize the initial moment (although it is very difficult), then you can lose your temper and there will be no unpleasant sensations. You can go out into the corridor, on the landing, even fly, but you are afraid. Suddenly, it's sleepwalking. I live on the 9th floor. It's dangerous to fall. But if you miss the moment, then guard.

    You can prevent sleep paralysis in advance. Drink at night 100-150 gr. vodka, even a bottle of beer. 100% guarantee there will be no paralysis. Only to know what night it will happen to you is impossible, and to drink every day, you know…

    Once, in my youth, when I was suffering from paralysis more easily, I tried to just mentally wish that today it was possible to experience such a state. Yes, sleep paralysis was coming.

    And yet, sleep paralysis does not occur during the day, only at night.

  15. It was like this: I'd been on the phone late, and I'd fallen asleep, exhausted. I was saying something harmless about friends and a movie theater, when I suddenly heard the sound of water running, as if a pipe had burst in the bathroom, behind the wall. This alerted me and I decided to check if everything was in order, because a few days earlier, our house actually broke a pipe with hot water, and it was sad. So, getting out of bed, I went to the door from the room. She stopped, listened, and somehow realized that the sound couldn't be true. I go to bed and want to go back to sleep, but the sound doesn't stop and becomes more like white noise. Suddenly, I am grabbed by the hair and strongly, sharply, begin to pull back somewhere (but there is a wall behind my head). Fear envelops me, the noise grows louder, I want to move with all my strength, to escape, to escape, but I can't: I'm petrified. I want to scream, but I can't make a sound. The eyes are directed to one point, in the corner of the room. There's no one there, just a huge, unnatural shadow that rises all the way to the ceiling. It's creepy. There's something in the shadows, I think. The increased level of fear makes it difficult to breathe. And now, I can't breathe anymore. I want to throw a fit, but by some miracle, the only thing I manage to do is let out a small squeak. The pillow falls from my chest to the floor. She was lying on top of me the whole time, making it difficult for me to breathe.. I sit up abruptly, realizing that this wasn't really happening. I exhale. I look at the floor, and the pillow is still there. I decided to pinch myself, because I was sure I'd been dreaming about her, but it hurt, which meant I wasn't sleeping anymore. I still don't understand why the hell I was wearing this pillow.

  16. It happened to me once, 3 years ago. I worked as a nurse in the surgical department ,just had a night shift. The night was calm and I managed to lie down(there was a sofa in the lobby just in case) . I wake up and feel that I can't open my eyes, my eyelids are like lead and I can't move. And I hear it coming down the corridor (the corridor was in two directions, and the foyer was in the middle ,along the corridor there were wards, well, everything is like in a normal hospital ). Well, I think maybe some patient went to the toilet, but no, I feel that this is coming closer to me. I managed to open my eyes halfway (and they were closing again), but I noticed that it was a shadow floating towards me, sitting on the edge of the sofa and leaning towards me (I felt that the shadow was a deceased patient in the department the other day and I felt that it would not harm me) but it was terribly scary, after she bent down to my face ,

  17. That was a year ago. I live in a dorm together with a neighbor. I went to bed one night to sleep for a couple of hours. The dream began immediately very atmospheric and deep: rain, docks, containers. I stand in the middle of the docks and hear the sound of chains behind me. I turn around and see a man with dogs on chains(two Rottweilers). I start asking him something , and he drops the chains and the dogs start running at me. I climbed on top of the container to hide from the dogs. I lie in it, the rain dripping on my face, and I can hear the rattle of chains on the asphalt. A moment later, a black silhouette in a hood begins to choke me , and I turn to the side and see my neighbor playing with friends on the network. I yell at him : idiot, save me , I'm dying. And he keeps playing. I can't move or breathe, and then it feels like it's over, and I wake up. I start to show the neighbor: why didn't you save me or didn't wake me up, to which he replied that he didn't hear anything and that I was asleep. I didn't know it was sleep paralysis at the time, thanks theq

  18. Sleep paralysis happens quite often, so it was possible to observe various “irregularities”. The most remarkable incident was about a month ago. As usual, it all started with a feeling of vibration, pressure on all bodies and the noise of the “transformer box”. Later, I realized that I could not control the monologue of my thoughts, I could not stop or cut into my inner voice, which makes a speech ending with the words ” DEVIL! ПРИЙДИ! I AM READY TO SERVE YOU!” After that, I immediately woke up

  19. Today I fell asleep in the pantry at work, spread out the material under my back and head and lay down, woke up from a strong blow on the door, I don't know if there was a blow. I was seized with sleep paralysis, and then I heard a child crying, it was right next to me, clearly and loudly, but then it turned into a hum, an eerie hum mixed with many distant voices and moans as if in hell. The child's crying stopped and I decided that I needed to get out of paralysis, with great difficulty I turned my head towards the door and then, I heard a voice behind me, he said “don't go”, it was as creepy as possible, I answered “why?”, from his answer I became even more afraid, “he will come for me”. The door opened a crack and I heard footsteps, there was a light in the room, I clearly saw the passage in front of me, I heard someone walking but did not see and I shouted “show yourself”, along with the scream I woke up and did not move, the most terrible thing when I woke up I saw something fly out of the room in a split second hitting the door,

  20. help me figure out if this is sleep paralysis or something else.before I fall asleep, sometimes there are sharp loud noises, a dog barking, screaming, or just a buzzing sound.I sleep, only during the day, in any position, I open my eyes, I try to get up, I sort of get up, but I only see what I saw when I first opened my eyes, a fixed picture of my apartment, I turn over, I still see it. also, my cat sometimes comes to me, licks or lies down with me, I stroke, feel it, and when I finally wake up, it's in another room. and by the way, I wake up from the 4th-5th time. and also when I try to raise my head, or get out of the “body” without paying attention to the fact that I still have a fixed picture of the room in front of me, my ears are buzzing terribly. so what is it?

  21. I hadn't even heard about sleep paralysis when it happened to me. But even now, remembering what happened, many things seem strange to me. I can't “weave” everything together. The room where I slept has two doors. For seconds or minutes (go understand in this state of time) before that, the doors of one of the rooms began to shake ( they were closed), and this was not the first time with the doors (I don't know why they should shake at all, there was no earthquake), then (then I thought it was in a dream) the cat sleeping next to me on the chair fell off it, its Paw got stuck in the collar (later I realized that I didn't dream about it) and then this wild fear began, attempts to scream and the most terrible thing, as if someone was sitting on my chest.and laughs horribly. It was such a creepy laugh, like a little old man…After that, it almost started once, too, but I somehow got rid of it in time

  22. Feeling of stiffness. I can't move, I can't call out, I can't do anything to attract the attention of anyone who might wake me up. This is what I had about a year ago… not the most pleasant feeling. It was incredibly scary. After “letting go”, he breathed quickly and deeply, trying to recover from sleep paralysis.

  23. I heard radio interference from the intercom. It was my first time and I was really scared. And so there was nothing extraordinary, but I always only hear, well, I can't open my eyes in any way

  24. I had sleep paralysis once. There was a panic from the fact that it was impossible to move and there was a feeling as if it was strongly sucked into the wall and for some reason there was a fear that if it sucked there, I would die…

  25. I only had sleep paralysis twice. I hardly remember the first one, but I remember the second one well, even though it was a long time ago when I was a student. It happened on the train, when our construction team was returning from the Astrakhan region. back to the Ecb. There were not enough seats for all of them, and they had to sleep either sitting down or taking turns. I had a lower sidewall. I remember that at one point I woke up lying on my back, fully conscious, but I couldn't move. His body was paralyzed. My eyes were slightly open, and I could see people passing through the car. I could hear the surrounding sounds (conversations, the sound of wheels), but I couldn't move at all. I couldn't even close or fully open my eyes. I couldn't control my breathing, it was even and calm. There was no effect of the otherworldly presence, and no one pulled or pressed me. There were no hallucinations either. I didn't know anything about sleep paralysis at the time. There was a feeling of fear that a lethargic sleep might occur. I began to resist this condition as much as I could, and then I discovered that slightly squeezing the larynx, I can make a faint sound, similar to a wheeze (life hack for everyone)). And I clung to it, that at least I can do it. It gave me confidence. Mentally, with all my consciousness, I began to resist my paralyzed state. And then I felt a strong vibration in my shoulders, which went further down my body. And the paralysis gradually passed, leaving only a feeling of fear and fatigue, but it didn't last long.

  26. I remember only a single case from a conscious life.

    It was in the evening.As it usually happens – after studying, I decided to lie down to rest and fell asleep.

    I woke up to being strangled.

    It's terribly scary,I could feel small bony hands with sharp and long nails on my neck.All of this was accompanied by a creaky, hoarse and deathly scary voice that hissed in my right ear: “I'll kill you”

    The phrase was repeated 3 times.

    Now add to that the fact that you want to move ,turn your head, and look, but you can't do ANYTHING at ALL.

    After that, I woke up in a dark room,I was alone in the apartment.

    Abruptly got up, jumped on the next sofa and began to say out loud first : “for better or worse”, then just talk to what I thought was a brownie;)�

    “What do you need ?!!”

    “You don't like me ?”

    Generally shock and fear. But then I turned on the lights and started Googling.

    (About my first remark : My grandmother and a couple of close relatives told me when I was little about brownies who can bully or punish you for bad behavior in the house(left knives in the kitchen, dirty dishes, decide with your family, etc.

    In this story, they narrated that they were strangled by a brownie.

    I didn't really believe in it then, but after the incident with me, I remembered and realized )

    I believe in mysticism reluctantly,it is better to realize that this is an unusual phenomenon associated with sleep and the brain, than some small and evil gnome living under your bed.

  27. I woke up at night and couldn't move. I tried to shout my roommate's name, but there was no voice. The feeling that someone was sitting on his chest. All she could do was slam her hand against the wall with all her might. It was very scary, lasted a couple of minutes. Then I saw a black furry lump roll across the bed and disappear, looking like a Toothpick from a movie. There were no animals in the apartment, so this moment was especially frightening. I've never experienced hallucinations before. So you can also believe in the otherworldly. A couple of years later, it happened again in another place. There is an opinion that this is how the brownie survives; -)

  28. I had only experienced sleep paralysis a couple of times, but it was unforgettable and the same thing happened every time. The most terrible and often repeated – I sleep on my back, wake up, try to get up and realize that I can't. I just can't move a finger. After some attempts, I got the feeling that there was someone else in the room besides me, someone else, and he was watching me. I am beginning to feel fear, because this “someone” obviously did not come with flowers and this “someone” I do not see and can not see. It starts to feel like he's coming towards me and the more I try to start moving, the more Ige feels scared and I start to choke or just stop breathing. And I wake up from the fact that it seems to me that this breath is the last.

  29. Compared to the stories described above, I realized that I was not all that scary. Recently, for example, I woke up in the morning, I can't move, the room is dark, and I very much felt the presence of an evil and very terribly domineering woman hanging over me from behind. Her negative energy seemed to be directed at me… It's good that I quickly came to my senses ( in half a minute somewhere) and ran to my mother to complain.

  30. I live with my grandmother. My grandmother is deeply parallel to me, occasionally we cross paths with her at the level of “hello” and”goodbye”.

    That night I didn't sleep well, at some point my grandmother comes into the room, bright light from the corridor, she looks at me, says: “Oh, you're asleep. Go to sleep.” At this point, I try to take a blanket and cover myself with it, because I sleep naked, somehow uncomfortable, but my body does not obey. Then I realize that I didn't hear her footsteps in the hallway, didn't see the light go off (and it's already off), and in general, she was sleeping peacefully in her room (it turned out a little later). I was scared, even though I knew about the concept of sleep paralysis.

  31. Once I slept on a bed in my room in front of the door, and at the exit from the door there is a small passage, and on the left again a long passage(where the street door is). I hear the sound of pencil on paper, and the tolling of a small bell,and I hear that these sounds are getting closer and closer. I couldn't move, so I closed my eyes. And this happens every second, �and then when I got very close, everything went quiet, �and I felt that IT was close, �then I fortunately woke up.

  32. When this phenomenon happened to me, I already knew about its existence from the stories of my friend. It was after the last three days I slept at best 5-6 hours in total. I came home, I live alone. I went to bed and woke up a couple of hours later to either a whisper or a soft sound coming from the speakers in the room. I thought that I might have forgotten to turn off the laptop and it was the sound from there, but I remembered that I definitely turned it off. Then I hear the bed creak, as if someone has sat down or laid down on it. Then I was surprised at all and decided to look around, to understand what the hell was going on. And then I realize I can't move. Instantly, my friend's story came back to me, and I thought that if I fell asleep, it would pass. But no. My eyes can't close, and I also see a hand above me, pressing my head against the pillow, so dark, out of focus, like a shadow. I try to gather all my strength to remove it with my hands. It feels like a heavy weight has been placed in my hands. But somehow I was able to reach with one hand to the other and with both hands to that palm. Something mumbled from impotence, I was able to move it and immediately came to my senses, my body regained the ability to move, my heart was beating as if I had run a marathon, but quickly everything went away, I lowered my eyes in the VK and went to bed further.

  33. I remember a case about a year ago. During sleep paralysis, I get out of bed at night, go to the kitchen to drink water, and notice that some people are hiding there, and I am sure that they want to kill me. I go back to my room, then hear the front door of my apartment open. My grandmother came and I took her to my room and told her who was in the apartment. Then one of the people enters the room. I stick a knife in his eye(I don't know where I got it), he had some kind of poker or something, I take it, the second one comes in, I beat him with this poker. Then, in reality, I wake up in a cold sweat. Brrrr.

  34. I often have sleep paralysis, so I've already stopped being afraid. However, the first times it was extremely creepy. The very first time I open my eyes and I can't move, and on the computer chair (which is spinning) sits some nasty guy with a yellow face (similar to the villain from “sin city”) and looks at me, everywhere was dark and therefore, his yellow face stood out brightly in the darkness. And there was silence and the chair was close to the bed, he looked and his eyes glittered, and I just couldn't move, on his face there was still a slight grin that turned into some kind of sinister grimace. The second time was no less creepy: on the windowsill, a scary girl was sitting bent over (like a Bell) and turned her head looking at me and quietly either hissed or groaned, then I closed my eyes for a second and she was already under the table, all so dirty black brrrrrr…
    after that, I didn't see or hear anything: someone was breathing in my ear, someone was trying to whisper to me, someone was whispering about me, someone was slowly approaching me from behind and I could feel his presence, etc. etc. Now I take it more as an adventure )
    Although I remember the last case, I started to have paralysis and I understand it, but I can't wake up and I start to panic. At that moment, a friend was in the room and I tried to call out to her or just give a sign that she would wake me up, but I knew that she couldn't hear me and from the outside it looked like I was just sleeping. However, after a while I managed to show signs, some light moans, as my friend later told me. As a result, she said my name and I was instantly thrown out of the dream, I then thanked her for a very long time, and in my opinion, she was more scared than I was.

  35. There were several notable cases

    The first one, when I didn't even know what it was, was a long and creepy dream, and then I wake up in my bed and feel myself being pulled off by my legs, lying on my stomach and not seeing who it is, but it happens quickly… And then I wake up for real.

    The second time, I also didn't know about this phenomenon, I couldn't fall asleep in the reserved car, I slept on the upper side and I imagined some monster in the form of a huge shadow that goes along the corridor of the car past me, and I feel it and can't move. I feel a heavy oppressive presence right there�

    The third time again I didn't know, but just after that I started to get interested in it. Waking up, I realized that I could not move and behind me in the room there is a feeling of the presence of something dark, smeared, frightening. It was very scary.�

    The most fun glitch during sleep paralysis-I lie down, I understand what is happening, I can't move, of course. I see my right hand on the pillow next to my face. And it is from the elbow to the tips of the fingers in small tattoos with ornaments and-большой the thumb grows down the nail! It was funny.�

    And so there were auditory hallucinations, just a strange noise. The feeling of oppressive darkness, of course. Sliding out of bed.�

    But when you understand what is happening, it is not so scary and you can suppress it emotionally.

  36. Despite the fact that I was familiar with sleep paralysis from early childhood, strange sensations began to accompany it already at a conscious age. That night everything was as usual (tension in my body, inability to move), so I didn't attach much importance to this and calmly continued to sleep, without even trying to somehow overcome these sensations. Soon I was woken up by a strange noise, like television static. Again, I didn't see anything strange in this, because I thought that the brain simply didn't have time to wake up, but when this noise began to grow with great force, I felt uneasy. It was so loud and painful that I suddenly jumped out of bed and covered my ears, trying to muffle the sound a little. It was as if a radio had been shoved into my head and the volume was constantly being turned up. I was terribly frightened then, because I didn't understand what was going on at all. After that, I couldn't sleep and suffered from a headache all day.�

    Sometimes I could hear the crowd talking and laughing, and see the black silhouette of a woman coming toward me until I closed my eyes. But by that time I already knew that sleep paralysis can be accompanied by hallucinations, so there was no shock anymore.

  37. The most strange thing is that you hear some strange sounds(rustles, whispers, etc.), and it also seems to you that your body turns on its side though… you're sleeping and you're even afraid to open your eyes, let alone turn around… you have the same feeling that someone or something is sitting on your chest and strangling you (in Russian mythology, this is a person who tries to warn you about good or evil, in Muslim belief this is a connection with gin). You also think that someone is looking at you. But it is not dangerous for health, life, etc. also sleep paralysis often manifests itself in people with depression so if you suffer from this then I advise you to go to a psychologist but sleep paralysis will pass by itself so you can be patient

  38. Occasionally this happens, and for some reason I always try to call out to my parents, mother or father, but I can't manage to get my voice out as if it's mute….,

  39. In general, sleep paralysis was 20 times. The first paralysis was really terrible, the creatures certainly had no faces, but a couple of times there were black silhouettes. Also, the ears were rattling strangely and fear comes from nowhere. Like everyone else in the stories, I couldn't move. In a word, glitches. But my personal opinion is that the more glitches, the more a person messes up his sleep mode. The realization that what is happening is not reality has already come with experience, when you can not be afraid of this state(but still sometimes you fight because of helplessness). The picture of the room is the last thing that captured the eyes. Prayer helps, because when you read it, a person calms down. Personally, I have been in this state for the longest time for about 2-3 minutes. To get out of the state, you need to close your eyes and calm down. Just follow the sleep mode and everything will be ok. And by the way, this is not mysticism at all, but only failures in the body, where it begins to mix sensations in a dream and in reality.

  40. My body was numb , I couldn't move (everyone knows who felt it) I heard screams in the apartment, as if my loved ones were in danger and as a shadow , someone's feet, came into my room.

    My eyes were open and I was looking at all this through the side of my vision, then he began to pull the blanket off me

    I screamed, but my voice was gone

    And only then did it break through , this state slowly began to go away, but the eyes were also open…

    A few days later , it seemed to me that he was touching my curtains, which are opposite me, I saw an incomprehensible black silhouette�

    After a few more dreams, he was choking me , but I woke up abruptly out of fear……

  41. For the first time, I thought that this was how death came to me. I was afraid, I thought it would last forever – I would just be motionless and alone with my thoughts and myself.
    The next time, my head was buzzing so much that it looked like it was about to burst, the hum was growing and it was very difficult to breathe (it felt like).
    Now I'm quite used to it, I don't resist and give up, instead the devil of sleep lets me go home 😀
    My mother has terrible things going on – it's always like a demon is sitting on her and strangling her, every time she gets scared, they say it's very real, the TV also makes noise and it's very hard to breathe, and this piggy also says something. He says that prayer helps – obviously, while she focuses on the text, she has time to calm down and allows it (from here I can cite the practical use of faith in some sense of this expression:))
    In general, the effect is strange and there may even be a hereditary influence. Frequent repetitions like got out of this nightmare and started again… I still haven't identified the cause. Changing the sleeping position helps, but not always. Maybe the reason is the stuffiness, maybe this uncomfortable position of the neck is to blame, or maybe a weakened artery or something like that, I'm not strong in anatomy and physiology, but something obviously wakes up the brain and body in an emergency mode.
    By the way, with this thing came very rare, but quite lucid dreams, but this is a slightly different story.

  42. I usually “catch” sleep paralysis if I go to bed early, wake up at night and want to sleep more, it is in the process of falling asleep that this happens most often. In general, I lie on my side, and I hear a child crying somewhere in the distance, rather even a scream, then it seems to me that I get up and sit on the bed (well, like sitting down when the press is pumped, for example), only sideways, bending at an angle of 90 degrees, anatomically this is unrealistic. So, it's like I'm bending over, unbending, the child's cry is getting stronger and stronger, then it's like they're already yelling in my ears. I stopped “bending over”, I just lie there and try not to look in front of me, because I know that I will see something terrible. Then gradually I started moving, woke up completely, that night I couldn't fall asleep anymore, the scream in my ears was still there for a couple of minutes. The most dreadful thing is that there is no clear line between sleep and awakening, for me everything seems to be happening in reality, although I understand that this is just sleep paralysis.

  43. I remember in a dream it seemed to me that I was under 2sv, and then it seemed that I woke up. Then I realize that I don't, I go to the yard and start waking up so many times in just a second and I'm overcome by a sense of my own madness, then I try to scream in my sleep, but it doesn't come out, I try to pull any part of my body and also nothing. At the same time, it was all in a dream, although it seemed that this was not a dream but a trip. Then I wake up, I can't move or scream, and I distinctly hear someone approaching the door of the room. Then the paralysis disappears, as does the creature at the door. Then I was paranoid for a very long time and couldn't sleep. It's still scary to think that everything could have happened worse and I would have seen the same character.

  44. There was such a thing that I woke up from the noise in the corridor. I get out of bed, go to the hallway and see that the door to the apartment is ajar. I go to the landing and I begin to have a feeling of some otherworldly animal fear. When I reach the place where the elevators are, I see a completely black silhouette of a person and then the level of fear reaches such a peak that I wake up screaming in reality and can't move my arm or leg for a while. Here is the most remarkable moment.

    In another paralysis, there was something similar to the girl from the movie call, hanging in her white nightgown from the ceiling, brrr

  45. I see a stranger in the room who is trying to strangle me . Or feeling cold , just terribly cold . Very rarely but still I have nothing chusvtvuyu.

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