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  1. Personally, any physical activity brings me out of a state of nervous tension. Whether it's dancing, running, or just working out in the gym. I also recommend a bath/steam bath, hot tea, soothing music, and a long night's sleep.�

    In general, it is better not to overexert yourself 😉

  2. Do what you love to do.

    For some people, stress and nervous tension become an excellent fuel for physical exertion. All emotions spill out, give calm down. Punching bag, running, whatever. Sports distract from unnecessary thoughts and problems.

    You can get creative. Music, poetry, prose, there's a lot of people here. Emotions, any kind, whether it's joy or anger, or the same stress, can serve as an excellent basis for anything, everything can be thrown out in creativity, distracted. This can also help you relax.

  3. Try the ASMR video on YouTube.�

    If it turns out that this thing works on you, as well as on many other people, then it helps to relieve stress and relax at once.

  4. Masturbation perfectly relieves psychological tension, as well as brings sexual satisfaction.�

    Oh, come on! Say it's dirty, dirty. You'll mention it again. Guys tell me honestly, which one of us doesn't jerk off? 🙂

  5. what helps me personally:

    1. cleaning. put everything in a pile and sort through books, notes, receipts, advertising brochures. wipe off the dust. or take your clothes off the shelves and sort them out.

    2. go to the gym or swimming pool.

    3. reading books. I take the fantasy and go ahead.

  6. My way is to just turn on some relaxing music and listen to it until it starts to feel sleepy, and then the stress goes away.

    Just don't listen to depressing music.

  7. I recommend my own method. I clean up the windowsill during stress, and if the stress is still there (there are really a lot of flowers there), then I sit right on it and look at the clouds. I combine clouds into symbols and plots…

    It works like a meditation, but it's very funny and interesting. Recommend

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