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  1. I remember being very concerned when I was a child that the Earth's axis of rotation was tilted. And then I became interested in dinosaurs, found out about the meteorite, and decided that it was probably the one that tilted our planet. I wrote it all down and started dreaming that when I grew up, I would win a Nobel Prize for my discovery.�

    And then I grew up, read books and found out that such a theory had already been invented before me. I still remember how hurt I was. I sincerely believed that I just didn't have time to grow up in time and tell everyone.

  2. I have a hypothesis that explains the “deju” effect . I noticed that the frequency of acts of “deju” increases with general mental fatigue. Later, at the Institute, I learned that the psyche tends to template and stereotype activities, to save the psycho. energy consumption. I made the assumption that deja vu is an” emergency attempt ” of the consciousness to start a template and transfer the activity to automatic unconscious mode, but some kind of failure occurs and the consciousness “sees” this template of mental activity, perhaps recognizing previous situations when the template is turned on.

    There is also a personal interpretation of the biblical fall, and as a child, watching the iridescent calendar, I clearly saw that I would watch full-fledged cartoons on a similar medium and foresaw the tablet.)))

  3. Expanding our horizons once again, a colleague and I came up with the idea that in Russian, as in some Germanic languages, there is an Umlaut. The conclusion was made after comparing the Russian ” e “and the German” ä”,” ö “and”ü”. But most likely, the diacretic mark above the letter ” e ” is not an umlaut at all.

  4. When we throw a rock, it pushes the neighboring ones. They move, there is a reason for this movement, and there is no choice – whether they move or not. How they move depends on the terrain, the weather, and thousands of small conditions. When a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the globe, it affects what's happening on the other (you know). And before that, conditions led to this swing.�

    Cold autumn, eaten breakfast, yesterday's deuce, my mother's words and a million other reasons led to the fact that I am now where I am, and I feel, think and do what I have, and not something else. Why, even atoms do not move as they want, but because of the forces and conditions that act on them. It turns out that everything that is now depends on everything that was, and then – on what was before. It turns out that there is only one possible way for this world, and there are no accidents or free will in it. And in a sense, we are all programmed robots, destined to fulfill a fate that is unknown to us, but rigidly predetermined…

    This insight happened to me at the age of 14. I stood in front of the elevator, stunned by the thought and the cosmic loneliness that followed. Naturally, it seemed to me that no one had thought of this idea. Because how can you go on living like you did when you understand that?

    12 years later, I learned that this is called determinism.

  5. At the age of 11, I came up with the idea that a person's thinking and their native language are connected. That is, the native language determines thinking to some extent, and certain patterns can be identified. Leibniz beat me to it.

  6. Well, I can tell you that once, after reading scary stories from my girlfriend and having a little drunk, I had to go home through a not very quiet area of my city, I decided to distract myself from bad thoughts by talking about something in my head.
    I came up with what I thought was an amazing idea. I don't want to describe what I was thinking, because I'll put it very briefly below. In general, it seemed to me that I was the first one who came up with such a simple truth and that I was a genius in my essence. I thought that if I could come up with an experiment confirming this, I could easily get a Nobel Prize. Of course, the alcohol took its toll and I went admiring my greatness.�
    I didn't publish this idea anywhere, but years later I read about determinism and the Laplace demon. For a long time it seemed to me that I was the only one who came up with this, especially about a thought experiment like Laplace's.

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