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  1. It depends on what he drew during their viewing and for what purpose. If just from idleness or a habit in the morning, then he will not lose anything. Gossip and news can be heard everywhere. In the store, at work, on the street, etc.

  2. And why lose touch with the world and be in the dark, in view of recent events, this is fraught with many things, pandemics are not a joke, like natural anomalies, at least it is important to follow global events.

  3. As mentioned above, it will lose awareness of what is happening in the world. Accordingly, it may miss out on valuable information that can change a person's life. For example, news related to your professional activity or lifestyle. However, in most cases, the news that is presented in the media is information garbage. At the same time, the resource of information processing by the brain is different for everyone, but it is limited for all people. By clogging up our brain with information garbage, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to absorb really necessary and important information for life. Therefore, rather than watch a TV news story about a sewer break in the city of Zazh * Pinsk, it is better to watch a documentary or a master class on a topic that coincides with your professional interests.

  4. Nothing. Just unload your head from unnecessary garbage, your thoughts will clear up and there will be more free time, your mood may improve, because most of the news has a negative emotional connotation.�

    Yes, sometimes it is useful to know what is going on in the world, or near you. However, I have long experienced from my own experience such a feature of modern society as overinformatization. Simply put, yes, I don't listen to the radio, I don't watch TV, I don't read newspapers, but I'm part of society, and other people around me do it regularly. I find out some of the news indirectly, without my will – people are whispering around (at work, in transport, on the street), the bus driver turns on the radio so that the whole salon can hear, etc., etc. That is, if I stop being 100% interested in news at all, some of them will still ” find “me. And if the news concerns you specifically, then you will definitely find out sooner or later.

  5. You won't lose anything.News is a concentration of negativity, politics, propaganda, and fakes.Go to any news site and read the comments.After that, I don't even want to read the news,because they make people neurotic, escalating and intimidating

  6. 1) Up-to-date information from the news. This is if you watch the news in the spirit of: “And tomorrow at noon they promise rain” or “a large-scale repair of the asphalt surface will be carried out in the city center.”

    2) The source of lulz. For example, Tula Central Election Commission explains publication of high turnout in presidential elections as training or The distraught pensioner in Rostov went to a toilet on heads of neighbors.

    3) Information support, if you are actively interested in politics and the situation in the world. The “Russian combat laser” type turned out to be a prop from a sewer pipe and chimney, orThe NTV host offered the British a sexual organ instead of GRU agents.

    4) Portions of negative and shock content for the psyche. For example: Permyachka 11 times wrote a statement on the neighbor monster, but the police replied that there was no threat. And he cut her into pieces or forced her to drink urine. A schoolgirl “ordered” the gang rape of a friend.

  7. I once spent a long time in the hospital without any media or communication at all. Naturally, nothing could be monitored.�

    When I got out of the hospital, I just didn't always understand what my friends were talking about when they discussed current news, memes, and trends. It was as if she was cut off from the world. And friends twisted their faces, repeating ” kaak? you don't know about this? what century did you come from?”

    So he will lose awareness, and even more not about some important events, but about new memas and challenges)00) Well, at least that's what will surprise people the most.

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