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  1. Your brain will just stop working. There will be nothing and you will not be able to think about it. It is hard for us humans to understand how this is so, I will not exist. So they come up with afterlife, so that it's not so scary to live. But in fact, most likely, just the end.

  2. One of two things.. or some interesting world and life that is better than earth.. possibly different.. well, there for example in the form of pure thought in the cosmic expanses and so on.. or nothing.. you just aren't there.. but believe me, there will definitely be no darkness.. you are simply weakly aware and cannot imagine non-existence in any way other than as an existence in a black void.. but no, there will be no emptiness or existence.. I now laugh when I remember myself before the age of 12, when I thought that the blind could see blackness.. but they don't really see anything.. here are half-blind eyes, or a cloudy veil and the degree of illumination of this veil, or blackness, if the light can not get to the retina at all.. but the eyeless one, for example, does not accept any visual information at all.. even darkness..

  3. From the point of view of the universe/ our unconscious, the concept of time does not exist at all. Through dreams, we can interpret the future, through the techniques of remembering episodes of early childhood, etc. This is a unit created by the person himself to simplify, structure his own life, nothing more.

  4. The funny thing about the answers to this question is that no one went to the other side completely, and then came back and told everything how it was there. And at the same time, people argue with full confidence that either there is nothing there, and there will be no sensations, or they describe an existential experience, and often not their own personal one, but heard from someone or read in some esoteric books.

    There is an experience of people in a state of clinical death, but again, this is not the experience of a complete post-mortem existence.

    I have experienced contact with the post-mortem state (or near-death state) for a very short time, and this is a state of absolute all-consuming happiness, but I was not allowed to go any further, otherwise-the death of the physical body. Having experienced this experience, I absolutely know that the death of the physical does not mean absolute death, there is a continuation. But I'll know what it is 100% when I get there again, but I won't be able to go back and tell you.

    And all those who are interested in this question can either take a negative position, or-my personal advice – explore this issue by reading different sources, studying different esoteric views on it, in order to understand more, and not just believe any one particular version.

  5. With slight variations, depending on how you passed away.

    If a person leaves in a dream or after a long illness, then at the beginning a period of complete absence of the usual sensations of the physical body with thoughts in a circle of this plan: “Why is there nothing? Why can I think if I'm dead? What should I do next?” and so on. Some may think that this will last forever because there is no time there.) If death is instantaneous-injuries incompatible with life as a result of an accident or some explosion. Then, without interruptions in consciousness, you will wander around in a state of shock among people in the same space by inertia. Gradually, you will find that you are not seen or heard by other people. You can watch your dead body, sometimes your funeral. Next, you will have to accept that you are dead in physics and not dead “at all”. After that, you will act on your “true faith”. Ardent atheists will hang out in the lower layers of the astral plane because they will not immediately be able to accept the fact of continuing life after the death of the physical body and the call to the higher forces will not form immediately. Believers of all faiths will begin to pray out of habit, forming a call for help. In any case, if the” call ” is heard, then guides will come, each of us has their own. Mature souls will breathe a sigh of relief and spreading the wings of the spirit will fly up to the worlds that have long become their own, each to its own level.

  6. Do you have a sense of time in your life?

    And what is it?

    And why do you care what happens to this feeling after death, if you think that there will be no sensations?

  7. Of course, there will be feelings. You will feel and experience spiritually. You will feel that you are alive. Perhaps you will be happy or suffer. It depends on how you live your life now.

  8. The sperm is alive and tends to leave its DNA to die, then the embryo grows and develops and the next stage comes, the person also runs with the torch relay. In any case, the land gets the benefit. We're walking fertilizer. Question: perhaps the earth wants to live forever and has come up with a mechanism that will save it when it is threatened with extinction.

  9. After death, you will be exactly the same as before your birth 🙂

    If you remember what happened to you BEFORE, then it will not be difficult for you to imagine what will happen to you AFTER 🙂

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