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  1. It won't be as rosy as the first answer. If you look at the situation from a real point of view, then there will be mass unemployment on Earth. People will simply lose their jobs, and consequently this leads to poverty. Impotence will lead to massive alcoholism, drug addiction and many suicides, which will lead to a low standard of living. Although, of course, there are some who will be spared all this, for example, scientists, artists, employees in the field of robotics, etc. will be lucky.

  2. If it is on the Land of united humanity, where there will be no confrontation between people or between states (this is a utopia), the standard of living will certainly be high. Robots need almost nothing but maintenance and control, but other robots will be able to do this as well. People will only have to play the role of customers of products and consumers, creativity and self-improvement, study science and come up with something to annoy their neighbor, because without scandals it is boring. And of course, the penetration of robotics in all areas of life means that almost all technological problems will be solved – food, energy, space… In general, problems will remain only those that people will invent for themselves .

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