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  1. At least – the same as before birth (or rather, even conception): NOTHING. Well, this is if you think logically.

    If you want something different, then there are religious and mystical teachings in the assortment 🙂

  2. life

    It is LIFE

    What we now call life is a bad dream compared to what awaits us there. That's where LIFE begins.

    And we will be the same people there as we are now.

  3. Well, there will be a decomposition of the body, which lasts about 15 years.

    Immediately after death, self-digestion of internal organs and human tissues begins. And with it, after a while, and putrefaction. Before the funeral, the processes are slowed down by embalming or cooling the body to make the person look more presentable. But underground, there are no longer any restraints. And decomposition destroys the body in full swing. As a result, only bones and chemical compounds remain: gases, salts and liquids.

    In fact, a corpse is a very complex ecosystem. It is a habitat and breeding ground for a large number of microorganisms. The system develops and grows over the course of decomposition of its habitat. Immunity is turned off soon after death – and microbes and microorganisms populate all tissues and organs. They feed on cadaveric fluids and provoke further development of putrefaction. Over time, all the tissues completely rot or rot away, leaving a bare skeleton. But it may soon collapse, leaving only individual, especially strong bones.

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  1. There is a theory that at the moment of death, some kind of reaction occurs in our brain that plunges our consciousness into a kind of dream, in which time is distorted, and in this dream you can live 100 or 1000 years ,which in real time will last only a second

    Personally, I like this theory much more than the existence of God, heaven, hell, or any other places

  2. !

    There are many hypotheses, but as a rule they cannot be proved because to find out, you have to die. At the same time, go back and tell everyone. Well, since there is no possibility in principle, everyone is content with fictions. Honestly, oblivion seems more humane to me, why do you ask?, because it's trite, we are just a brain and our eyes are analyzers. Well, what will happen if it stops working (What can I say if it dies at all) �if in the thesis ? Correctly oblivion. P. S Cons please do not put, if you are a person of other views, give arguments of your point of view.

  3. 1 option; that after death we return to the place where we were before birth, and then after some time we will be born again, or stay there forever, we did not exist 4.5 billion years ago.

    option 2; we will fall into the void, that is, eternal sleep, but without dreams and dreams, it will be absolutely dark and empty. There's nothing there, no sound, no feelings
    It's like a dream, you fell asleep yesterday and woke up in the morning, but it will be forever, and eternity will not last forever because there is no time, well, a dream for us is like 5 seconds, we fell asleep yesterday, woke up in the morning and it's like one second, one moment has passed. That is, eternal dreamless sleep, but not actually eternal sleep.

    option 3; we will be reincarnated after a certain time into another person, we will not remember past lives, we will only guess, because physically we can not remember it because there are so many different processes going on. We will be transformed into a completely random person, maybe of different genders.
    That is, one soul will be reborn into new lives.

    Option 4: we will die and go to heaven or hell for doing good or bad things. That is, life is a game or a test for a good passage there will be a reward-eternal paradise, for a bad passage – hell.

    5 option; life is a game, virtual reality, after death we are waiting for a choice; start the game again, free passage, a game with cheats and mods.
    Our life will be similar to GTA

  4. It seems that nothing (it is easy to imagine anything-as a dream or as what happened before birth, or, if there was such an experience – as being under general anesthesia), but this is inaccurate.
    But whether there are other options and how to live with it, if there are no options – a good question. I'm trying to find an answer to it (or just study death as much as possible).

  5. The Tibetan Book of the Dead answers this question quite fully. But within the Buddhist tradition. The Christian will have his own, the atheist will have his own.
    In short, there will be a special post-mortem state (Bardo) depending on how the person lived during life, what he believed, etc. And choosing a body for the next birth. If a person was successfully engaged in spiritual practice, was conscious (not to be confused with smart), then his soul will more consciously approach the choice of birth. In the Bardo state, it will be realized. If not, he will be born where he is lucky.

  6. The theory is interesting, this makes it much easier as a short dream everything passes, but there is still such a moment that life starts all over again and we don't remember anything about the past afterwards. Again go to school, study, explore the world with ” 0 ” as it seems to us.

  7. Sorry for the untidiness of the text and some lack of agreement. I started writing this one quite a long time ago, I wanted to look at this issue from different sides (philosophical, scientific, socio-cultural), and with long periods of time when I wrote part of the text somewhere I lost (perhaps because of a virus), and now I realized that I had already completely dropped the connecting thread and now I realized that if I didn't post it at least in this form, � �

    ….Starting to study, to assert in the name of science what is ethical and what is not, but it is precisely from the postulates of science that this cannot be deduced in any way… .
    Or will it pass into other forms of matter and energy, but will it be at any of the stages of decay, a particle that will not be able to further divide into its component parts ? Will not contain any component parts, and will not in turn be included as part of something larger? Won't interact with the environment or other particles? Well, suppose the existence of such a particle is in principle impossible and matter can divide indefinitely, wouldn't this also mean for us that death as we imagine it (as absolute non-existence) is in principle impossible for us?
    (the question of the existence of the so-called “soul” is actually a question of whether matter is capable of dividing indefinitely, it is a question of whether the divisibility of matter is infinite, because “nothing comes out of nowhere and does not go anywhere” (although quantum physics could still argue with this, all these dubious oppositions of “true and false vacuum”, but I will not go into such details now) because every atom of your body, every molecule of your body, just as it was not taken from before “out of nowhere” (I do not touch on the so-called “out of nowhere” now)., the”big Bang”, although it is also one of the intractable questions that also need to answer that would finally understand what will happen after your death, not with the body with him, and so clear was happening and the natives living in the Amazon jungle, and uncontacted and chartered scientist from prestigious European University, they only describe different this phenomenon – these will be completely different descriptive models, and no, I don't want to say that they are absolutely equivalent (maybe only from the point of view of a sociolinguist), the scientific model is much more prolific, no matter how beautiful and complex the language is spoken by an Indian from the lower reaches of the Amazon river, especially if it is confirmed by experimental data, for example, by studying brain tissue necrosis, scientists can find out the biological phenomena occurring at that time, which chemists are involved in this process, which specific chemical compounds are involved, and on the basis of these data, for example, to develop a drug for premature dementia in the elderly and people with disabilities, or at least significantly slow down the flow of these processes, , what “is the breakdown of nucleotide protein compounds, accompanied by necrosis of brain tissues….(in general, you can talk about this for a long time and in the languages of different sciences in different ways, and if you describe everything in a comprehensive way and in all the details, as you can now say intersexially, then you will have to write a whole book at all, but the essence will remain the same, and as the person under the nickname “tanya x” quite correctly noted, subjectively directly “internally” what death really is, subjectively for you, as a subject of perception, neither one nor the other will be able to answer, because while science cannot yet conduct such an experiment, kill a person, and then resurrect and ask: “well, how is it” (and then it will also not be quite death), and it is unlikely that such an experiment will ever be possible to carry out, and while everything that is outside the verified experience, praxis, experiment with the possibility of its repetition with the same result, all this is not science, and, but this will not be a scientific statement and has nothing to do with science)”), but the question “where will consciousness go”, will consciousness move, as a result, as a whole, the interaction of all your body parts, and each part of your body up to the atomic level remains unresolved, or rather this question sends us to an even more complex and comprehensive question what is it, what do we mean by this word “consciousness”, and before it we will have to answer the equally complex question, what do we really mean by this and in what contexts? And here we are truly faced with an abyss of the unknown, because the answer to each of these questions has been dealt with by different scientific disciplines for more than one century. )
    ….. Or how can we imagine “nothing”, the absence of something can be imagined only in comparison with something else that we previously knew about, the absence of everything, “global nothing”, absolute non-existence can be imagined only by juxtaposing with “everything”, thereby assuming that it would actually be absurd, that we have a priori and complete, available, all the knowledge of this world, that it would be absurd to assert…�.
    …. science can already describe this process in full detail, but it will only be a study from an external observer and only the processes of approaching death… . But not a single atom of your body will disappear without a trace, every chemical substance of which your body was composed will only break up into more elementary chemical elements with the release of energy. It gets into the food of other living beings (every part of your body is integrated into the metabolism of the reproductive cycle of other organisms) or goes away, mixing with the wind and the earth deep underground, “dissolving” in the surrounding reality, breaking up into more and more component parts, until it is at the level of atoms and molecules or reaching the subatomic level, “blows” a stream of neutrinos, or less “transparent” particles, What will eventually happen to your consciousness? What will it break up into ? Will it collapse to its “original state”? And does it exist? What did you feel, how did you perceive this world, for example, in a year ? Not to mention the earlier period….. I think it's unlikely, and very few people can boast of it. In any case, will it be “eternal darkness”, “deep coma”, or will the dying body wrap you in a ” time loop “(releasing dimethyltryptamine in your brain (https://nplus1.ru/news/2016/09/20/dmthypoxia (and then it will probably only apply to a quiet death from old age or from suffocation, or from drowning))) and the dying brain will turn the last moment into eternity for you…… (which can also just be a temporary hallucination followed by “emptiness of eternal nothingness”, or in reverse order, but with the same result…). No one knows for sure and I think it's fine.

  8. Heraclitus: “What awaits people after death is what they do not hope for and what they do not imagine.”
    At all times, people, observing death, tried to explain its nature, and, at the same time, overcome the irrational horror of the end of their lives, which is seen in almost all religious teachings. But, in my opinion, it is absolutely impossible to talk meaningfully about what will happen after death, because you can not experience it. Yes, there were cases when people experienced clinical death, teetering on the verge of extinction of their own consciousness, but, nevertheless, these people remained alive. And if they were still alive, they did not die at all, and therefore they did not experience death. For example, if a person has experienced death, then the person is no longer there, and if the person is no longer there, then he has not experienced death, since he does not have this experience. In this regard, all assumptions about what awaits us at the end of our life forces are meaningless, because how can we even know this when we do not even know what happens to a person directly at the moment of death.�
    But it is worth noting that the statement that there is nothing after death is not much more meaningful, as has recently been assumed, than an answer based on, say, the Christian myth that after death everyone is waiting for heaven or hell. So the fact that after death we expect absolute emptiness is the same myth, but, unlike all other myths, this one is the most stingy and primitive.
    It is interesting that people always strive for a certain completeness, utterance, and even based on such dubious observations as people's reactions to open endings of works of art (films, books), we can conclude that people do not perceive this in the best way, and after all, every human life has only an open ending, and no more. That is why all sorts of rituals, solemn burials are performed, because the fact that what a person can take and disappear does not fit in the head.

  9. in the universe, nothing just disappears,just passes into another kind of matter!All that accumulated information carries a certain bundle of energy,so it will continue its march in the subtle world

  10. This Secret is hidden from humanity for the sake of man himself, so that he can independently realize who he is and why he is here on Earth?

    Everything that we see around us, all material objects are not eternal, all this fades or collapses, but the energy does not disappear anywhere, it passes from one state to another, i.e. it is eternal. And such a World where there is only Energy and information is the Subtle Plane – it is a Divine Space where Harmony, Love reigns, where there is no time, “yesterday”, “today” and” tomorrow ” at the same time, it is a World of order, subject to the Canons (laws) of Eternity. And the Material World or Dense Plane is the world of feelings, emotions and improvement of the human Soul, the testing ground for its tests.

    Therefore, in order to answer this question, it is necessary to realize that a person is not just a biological being endowed with intelligence, but a person is an energy-informational structure created by the Creator in his own image. God has invested all of His Divine knowledge in each person, and in addition, a person is also a part of God, and the body is just a protective “spacesuit” for the Soul. Therefore, he is eager to go to GOD, and through Him-to the Spiritual World, and for this it is necessary to step over the thorns of the Dense plane and rise to the Subtle fields. This is what the Creator intended, to put people in a denser vibration, and after passing the exams and experiencing all the difficulties, go back to the Subtle Plane.

    After these trials, a person must report to God for his life lived, and together analyze the mistakes, and then outline a plan for the next test, i.e. a new incarnation (birth) in the same material world, but already “playing” a slightly different role in society. In addition, when he comes to the Subtle Plane for a rest period, he is greeted with joy and true Love by the Souls of relatives and friends, who accompany him, especially during the first stage of his stay in the Spiritual World, and provide him with conditions of happiness and harmony.

    Всё накаляется – неясен масштаб!
    Люди находятся в ожидании!
    Никому не понятно: что Там?
    Чувство страха не покидает!
    Страх – неверия производная!
    Никто не хочет понять, что он – часть!
    Откровение – это вводная,
    Приводит людей к Причастию!

    Quatrains from 18.11.18 – https://chenneling.info/poems/18.11.18.html

  11. Let's go back to where we were before birth and the appearance of consciousness. There will be no feelings, no memories, no memories. About reincarnation may exist, but so far science is very far away to understand where our consciousness comes from. Maybe they're just avatars…and we are in some form of energy in space, in a black hole, in infinity…this is how to answer the question why the earth attracts objects or spins…astrophysicists will twist their fingers and say that gravity….but where these laws came from and why everything works according to these laws is not clear. This is the same as observing and living by the rules, but not knowing who created them and why, then there are questions about what was before the chicken or egg, etc. I think we don't know a lot, the information is very hidden from the person.

  12. In my opinion, it would be great if there was a huge network, in a different world. Your subconscious mind goes there and a SECOND life begins there! You will have your own territory where you can come up with anything and make yourself happy FOREVER! There you can make your own house and come up with some entertainment for yourself. You'll stay there forever… And it would also be very cool if there was a network center where you can communicate with your family and friends, and spend time with them! But there will be no time and you will be able to completely relax FOREVER!!!!

  13. Nothing will happen. Just like before you were born. Your loved ones will continue to live on. You will simply not exist, you will exist only in memories. This is neither good nor bad. This is how it should be

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