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  1. It's impossible. People's desires contradict each other in many ways. Especially acute – in the relationships of people. Vanya wants to fuck Masha, and Masha does not tolerate Vanya in spirit, but wants Kolya how to combine this?. One king wants to subdue a neighboring kingdom, and his neighbor wants to subdue him. The terrorist wants to kill a bunch of people, and the people want all the terrorists to die. Someone wants to revive Stalin, and someone wants to bury him deeper. Homophobes dream of burning all gays in the furnace, gays-so that homophobes can rest. Vegans will want to ban meat, and their opponents will want to ban vegans.

    Even if a small group is given such abilities – to fulfill any wishes – a monstrous mess is inevitable. And if each of the billions of people, among whom there are millions of inadequate-it is simply impossible to even imagine what this will result in.

  2. I'll update the previous answer. If you do what you want, then unfortunately nothing will work out, at least for financial reasons. Money is needed to control the market. If you print money, it will no longer exist, because its value will fall. Well, there are different desires. Maybe someone wants everyone to die, and another wants everyone to live forever. Fulfillment of all desires is not possible for financial, ethical, or physical reasons. And if I answer your question, then nothing good will happen.

  3. Here's how the Strugatskys answer a similar question::

    – … But what advice would you give to the almighty? What do you think the almighty should do to make you say: now the world is good and good?..
    Budach leaned back in his chair, smiling approvingly, and folded his hands on his stomach. Kira looked at him hungrily.
    “Well,” he said, ” you're welcome. I would say to the almighty: “Creator, I do not know your plans, maybe you are not going to make people good and happy. Want it! It's so easy to achieve! Give the people plenty of bread, meat and wine, give them shelter and clothing. Let hunger and want disappear, and with it everything that divides people.”
    “Is that all?” Rumata asked.
    – Do you think that this is not enough?
    Rumata shook his head.
    “God would tell you,' It's not good for people. For the strong of your world will take away from the weak what I have given them, and the weak will still remain poor.”
    “I would ask God to protect the weak. “Teach the cruel rulers,” I would say.
    “Cruelty is power. If they lose their cruelty, the rulers will lose their power, and other cruel ones will replace them.
    Budach stopped smiling.
    “Punish the cruel,” he said firmly, ” so that the strong may not show cruelty to the weak.”
    “A person is born weak. He becomes strong when there is no one stronger than him. When the cruel of the strong are punished, the strong of the weak will take their place. Also cruel. That's going to punish everyone, and I don't want that.
    “You know best, almighty. Make time just so that people got all and not away from each other to give them.
    – And it's not going to benefit sighed Rumata, for when they get everything for nothing, without works, from my hands, then forget the labor, you will lose the taste for life and appeal to my Pets that I'll have to continue to feed and clothe forever.
    “Don't give them everything at once! Budach said hotly. – Let's take it a little, gradually!
    – Gradually, people will take everything they need themselves.
    Budach laughed uncomfortably.
    “Yes, I see it's not that easy,” he said. “I hadn't thought of such things before… I think we've gone over everything. However, “he leaned forward,” there is another possibility. Make it so that people love work and knowledge more than anything else, so that work and knowledge become the only meaning of their life!
    Yes, we were going to try that, too, Rumata thought. Mass hypoinduction, positive remoralization. Hypno-emitters on three equatorial satellites…
    “I could do that,” he said. – But is it worth depriving humanity of its history? Is it worth replacing one humanity with another? Wouldn't that be the same as wiping this humanity off the face of the earth and creating a new one in its place?

  4. If we are talking about fulfilling some specific, private, momentary and, indeed, often contradictory (in general, the wishes of even one person often contradict themselves, and even more so they will contradict the wishes of other people) people's wishes, then this will be the end of the world in which only those who still live happily ever after will survive – egoists, people without conscience and people who are capable of committing violence

    If we look at this question, abstracting from the real situation, and assume that suddenly the day has come when literally all people are happy and they no longer need anything to be happy, then we have no idea what will happen next, because we have never even observed this state of affairs : ) I think this could only be found out empirically. Even if the society came to the point where everyone would be completely satisfied, then, in my opinion, this satisfaction would still need to be somehow maintained and ensured. It is unlikely that it would be such a self-existent and ever-present contentment out of nothing. Then the question arises: by whose forces should this contentment be maintained? That's the question. Hence, again, the same problem – someone needs to work hard and then not everyone is satisfied in this situation.

    Thus, in modern realities, certain conditions and restrictions are necessary for holding such an action. Today, the only thing that can end the action “get everything you want” is the Khodynka tragedy, only on the scale of the World War and other “glorious” milestones of no less “glorious” humanity. Let me conclude that the problem in society is not that it does not have something, but what it is for the most part.�


  5. Anarchy? Chaos? What if there were no traffic rules and penalties for violating them? One continuous road accident would happen every second. Seems like a blessing in disguise. Where I want there and I go, as I want and I go… But in fact, nothing good….

  6. No one among the respondents gave an adequate answer to this question. So far, the first place is occupied by a post with a literary quote, and despite the fact that the quote is interesting, the artistic meaning of the answer and the situation is completely different.

    In one Russian social network – VK, there is one extremely popular test of “Political views and preferences”. It was passed by about 5 million users (at the moment the app is unavailable and/or has a smaller number of participants). All data was collected anonymously, without the threat of consequences for an honest answer.

    In this political test, there was one extremely important and curious question that directly relates to this topic. It asked whether you would work, work for the prosperity of the world/your own state/city, if all your needs and needs were fully met?

    I was taken aback by the answer, and I specifically looked at the response statistics. The sample showed that 70-80% of people voted in the affirmative. Despite a large number of fierce disputes on this topic. Even in the test itself, there was a provocative question about socialism, where “everyone has everything”, asking if you believe in the possibility of such socialism. building? Half chose the answer “No one will work, such a system is not feasible.”

    And still chose the opportunity to work for themselves and their own development.

    So my answer is that everything would be fine. Just like before.

    This is a fairly representative survey. Even 70 percent of the working people would be enough to keep things as they are and it wouldn't get any worse.

  7. Taffy has a story called “When Cancer Whistled” that describes all this. In short, the end of civilization will come, because everyone will die. Yes, first they will get the coveted millions, mansions, perfect bodies and perfect lovers, and then they will all die anyway. Because even one envious and angry person can destroy the entire planet, and there are many such people

  8. There is such an experiment called Universe 25-the essence of the experiment is simple: mice are given a paradise-a room, food, water, heat, constant cleaning in the room, etc. You can read about it in the inta-the end of such an experiment is complete degeneration and death. The well-fed life of spoiled egoists like us leads to degeneration..This is because we live in a world where everything is born through suffering and difficulties..This is a certain plan of the Creator, the essence of which is correction, education, lesson, experience.

    If our world were to suddenly become completely plentiful, many people would be like pigs who lose even the ability to stand on their feet due to excessive nutrition, or rats from a well-known experiment in which a rat, pressing a button, received pleasure through an electrode implanted in its brain; the rat pressed the button until it died of exhaustion.

    «If I had bread and clothes, I would have eaten lying down.” Russian proverb.

  9. This is an impossible condition. People's desires are inseparable from other people's lives. One person wants to have an apartment no worse than the others. And the second one wants it to be better than the others. One wants the country to host the FIFA World Cup, the other thinks it's a waste of money. Some want a sequel to Harry Potter, and the other wants to finally finish writing about this hero in order to write other books. Etc.

    Simultaneous fulfillment of all your wishes is impossible.

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