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  1. “Whatever you've done in life, it will be insignificant, but it is very important that you did.” Gandhi
    I was thinking that no one really cares what you do with your life. Our daily flurry doesn't change the order of things. Humanity could have done without Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, and so on. It would just be someone else instead. Therefore, all our actions, although meaningless on a global scale, are important for ourselves, for
    our further development and sense of fullness of life.

  2. Francis Bacon wrote: “Do what you must, and come what may!
    When the question of what to do comes up in my everyday life, I ask myself: “What should I do, and what will happen?”
    If I am satisfied with the answers , I stop doubting.

  3. “To think of a metaphor as a proof, a stream of idle words as a source of truth, and ourselves as an oracle is a fallacy common to all of us”, Paul Valery.�

    The following quote is not exactly wise, but:” I don't know how to talk to people, and I can calm down a crying girl as well as a paralytic to perform brain surgery with a wrench”, Sin City.

    “The heavens can't see, they see everything, which means you'll get lucky sooner or later”, St1m =)

  4. Favorite Griboyedov's ” pass us more than all sorrows and lordly anger, and lordly love.” Even at uni, I was convinced of the validity of the statement .

  5. Even when you've been swallowed, you still have two choices.

    • ———————————

    Later thoughts are usually more reasonable.


    I want everything at once, but it turns out nothing and a little bit at a time.

  6. “Happiness and sorrow come and go, alternating like winter and summer. Therefore, one should learn to bear them patiently and remain unperturbed. ” Text 14 Ch. 2 of the Bhagavad Gita.

  7. Lately, I've been using phrases like:” it's all a dream, wake up”,” it's possible, everything is Possible”,”something happens that can happen, but it will never happen, it can always happen”. The author of all these phrases is the creator of theomism (philosophy of ontological minimalism) Theo Om. Perhaps the wisest of all the wisest.

  8. “Come on, rag, you can do it,” my friend tells me. Whenever I'm about to give up, I keep replaying these words in my head.
    I also use the phrase ” Do not judge and you will not be judged.” I might have misinterpreted it, but that's even better.

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