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  1. IT is ENOUGH that most believers have much better behavior and overall development than atheists. By doing so alone, they would prove that Faith and Religion bring more Good than Evil. We don't even need Miracles and Prophets.

    But this minimum simple requirement is still very difficult to implement for so many reasons, the main one being the discrepancy between Words and Deeds.

  2. I'll tell you a terrible secret. Even without the prophets, we are all believers. Only some people believe that there is a God, while others believe that there is no God. And I'm not kidding. The belief in the absence of God is based on the same lack of evidence as the belief in the presence of God. For example, I am technically an atheist. If I were asked to believe in God, I would ask the question: what is God? Of course, I will never believe in a gray-bearded grandfather sitting on a cloud. But that there is a great law of nature and its name is Logos, and that all the laws of this world are subject to this law, and not a single hair falls from the head without the presence of this law – that's what I believe. I guess I'm a pagan. And if someone manages to light wet wood or bring the dead to life, I'll try to find a natural explanation first. But thought experiments, like the one you formulated in your I like – make you think.

  3. A prophet doesn't have a mission to convert you, it's the role of a missionary. The Prophet can tell (prophesy) You know what's coming, and it's up to you to believe it or not. No one can live for you, so they won't try. Not what the prophet should do, but what you should do in order not to “miss” the prophet (prophecies) – such a question will bring more benefit to you!

  4. Why do we need a prophet at all? The almighty God is not able to pour faith in himself directly into my head? Do you need an oxygen breathing prophet? Or maybe a prophet of mathematics who makes you believe that two apples and three apples add up to five? Unlikely.

  5. Well, the Bible describes the way it's done.

    Take a pile of wood, pour plenty of water on it, and then pray to your god that he will ignite this pile of wet wood. The prophet Elijah, they say, did it. And the priests of Baal have broken down…

  6. No one can do anything to make you believe in God.

    Proof is knowledge, and faith is accepting something as true without logical or factual evidence.

    So it's either knowing or believing.

  7. Even if he spoke the whole future and performed miracles, I would not believe his sermon if he said something that my heart did not agree with.

    Here's a more difficult question: What would a prophet have to do to make me stop believing in God?

  8. It all depends on what exactly is God in your understanding. If there is scientific evidence that someone can change the laws of physics, then I will believe it.

    Or you can take control of my mind and give me the appropriate thought.

  9. A prophet is a person chosen by the Higher Powers, and nothing depends on his desire to convince someone. Its function is not to convince, but to convey to humanity a scenario of the future that was revealed to him not by his will. They say: “There is no prophet in their own country”, usually those who convey revelations from above to others have little chance of convincing anyone. If I clearly do not believe, then it will be difficult to convert me to the faith of any prophet, but-if I take his call to heart-I will become like-minded with him.

  10. The presence of all these human tales about prophets, hells and paradises, good and sin, and especially about the Church-priests-money contributions, is the best proof that there is no God.

    Why does God need all this? Why does he need all sorts of prophets, why does he need priests, and especially why does he need our money? ))

    and in general, who are they- “god”, “prophet”, where is such a thing found in the Universe? Did someone prove that they exist or something?

    Urgently tell us what and where it is, before you post questions and answers about them ))

  11. They must be eloquent, intelligent, and imaginative. At the same time, I must be an illiterate poor man living a couple of thousand years ago. In that case, I'll fall for his prophecies.

  12. Wrong question. You suggest believing in god/gods based on the characteristics of the prophet, not God / gods. (For reference: the word “God” with a capital letter applies only to the biblical God, since for Him it is a proper name, as for a person Masha or Vasya. If we are talking about a particular god outside of a particular religion, then this word is written with a lowercase letter).
    What really matters is not what the prophet does. Your internal focus is important. Special effects attract attention quickly and are quickly forgotten. But if you genuinely believe that it is appropriate to be generous, caring, patient, or otherwise belligerent and proud, and the ideals of a particular religion coincide with your own beliefs, and even explain why they are correct, you will most likely be drawn to this religion.
    As for the “prophets” who urge you to follow them. It is for themselves, though, that they sometimes mention names or the name of a certain god. There are a dime a dozen of them in the leadership of any totalitarian sect. In fact, they do not lead to a god/gods, but subordinate people to themselves. By the way, they need not so much the money of sectarians, but a sense of power.

  13. Well, here is the answer from the Bible: “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inside they are ravenous wolves. By their fruits you will know them. Do they gather grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles? So every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and a bad tree bringeth forth evil fruit.A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.” That is, a sign of the prophet – that he declares good, and carries (does) good. And that his prophecies are coming true.

  14. First of all, the prophet himself must know what he must do to make me believe in God. Otherwise, what the hell kind of prophet is he?”

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