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  1. I am afraid that the Earth would have faced a massive warming/cooling, a lot of people would have died for no reason, various divine or mythological entities would have appeared in different parts of the planet (immediately starting a war with each other), a portal to hell would have opened in the middle of the Earth and evil spirits (from small demons to giant three-winged demonic monsters) would have Again, the Earth's orbit has changed, alien ships of various kinds would appear in the sky (and also start a war with each other), a lot of people would die for no apparent reason, some lovers of walking on prostitutes would die of blood loss (their genitals would suddenly be cut off with a knife), many thieves would find themselves with a bullet in the head inside their prison cells, and prison guards would die of a terrible epidemic, a lot of courts in the world would suddenly condemn all the leading politicians of the world and sentence them to death on the spot, which would be carried out immediately using improvised means, local wars between countries would start (short and immediately stopped), and a couple of planets would explode in the Solar system… In short, it would be very boring for everyone to live.

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