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  1. That an adult is happy, that he has five children, and a beloved wife, and his mother is still alive, and he continues to learn what he likes and succeeds; that he is busy with his favorite work…

    Phew, he would think. Good. I thought it would be worse.

    The child tended to underestimate himself.

    Well, he would also have noticed a bald head instead of curls, and wrinkles, and in general that the adult looked like the grandfather whom the child loved and was proud of.

    And when the child would understand about a laptop and a smartphone, he would be happy, because he read about this in all sorts of fiction, and during his lifetime did not count))…

  2. I'd think something like, “I wish so many good books would go unread…” And maybe, ” I wish I could take your hand and lead you forward…”

  3. I think that this child would be very happy, especially when he saw how much I earn and that I have the opportunity to travel abroad at least a couple of times a year. But he might have been upset that we'd given up writing.

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