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  1. It is logical that men choose sex without love. Physiology. There are also women like that.

    I am a romantic and definitely love without sex is much cooler than stupid sex without love. There were such relationships in life, it was euphoria and sex garbage compared to those feelings of madly falling in love.

  2. I had sex without love and love without sex. Both are bad. Does not bring satisfaction. It's like asking-What kind of life would you choose without arms or without legs? Someone will answer-No legs. I can do everything with my hands. And someone will answer-No hands. I can run. Yes, and you can learn to do everything with your feet no worse than with your hands.

  3. I would choose love without intimacy without hesitation and dissolve from love in a person

    And it would float like a breeze over this person, would surround him with an aura of warmth, peace

    I would stroke his cheekbones with the tips of my eyelashes

  4. Here, as it were, there is nothing to choose.

    Love without sex is neither love nor sex. Nothing but heartache.

    And in the second case, at least one component is present.

  5. I would choose sex without love, it is at least fair and fair. After all, many choose love without sex, and in the end they are left with a broken trough

  6. When you are offered pizza without filling — it's not bad, you can eat it, but fresh-the same dough. When only the filling is offered — it is satisfying, delicious, but it will not leave the feeling that something is wrong.

    You can eat both separately, you can alternate. But in the end, you will want to try a normal pizza at least once.

    And if you have already tried it, then you will constantly feel the difference and lack of a full-fledged dish.

    And now for shock content! The dough is love, the base, and the filling is sex! Didn't expect it? That's the twist.

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