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  1. Well, whatever. I would start giving advice on how to run the state. Let at least benefit from me will be.=))

    Maybe I wouldn't have turned on the bathroom light yet. Out of politeness. It's none of my business what he looks at, though… and I'm more comfortable with the light.

  2. About… I would post my sexiest photos everywhere, write about him as the most attractive man in Russia, adding that I don't have enough money “For beads” and face cream)

  3. I don't know if it was Putin, but the Yarovaya package was adopted precisely so that everyone could be tracked.

    If you are not an IT genius who wants to go unnoticed, then you leave a lot of traces on the Internet.

    First, mobile operators monitor you so that you use their services exclusively for personal purposes (not giving them away);

    Secondly, search engines and social networks monitor you to determine your interests and values, and then sell you as a more “warm” base to advertisers.

    Third, operators and servers record and often store unique device numbers from which you log in, and collect cookies.

    I don't say anything about talking back in messages or recording phone calls.

    And all this can and should be provided to special services on demand. Your entire background.

    There is not a bad film Anon (2018) about a society where everyone's life is deanonymized as much as possible, and at least a couple of episodes of Black Mirror, about the related effects s1e3 and s3e1.

  4. Very much laughed at this fact. I don't care who's watching my life or not. Somehow I don't think about this topic. I wouldn't have been of much use to him, and I certainly wouldn't have joined his team. We are too much at odds mentally.

  5. Does it watch my Social media page,like it, and comment on it?I would be happy,it would be interesting ,I would tell my friends and relatives about it.

  6. I'd like some champagne.” It's cool – the polyclinic doesn't work – Putin is already aware, the court is doing a bit of a hack – the FSB will do this, the phone scammers got it, I can imagine what Volodya will do with them))).

    And the fact that I ride a hare on the bus, so it's not worth peeking through the keyhole, pervert.

  7. Since I am a realist, I would not believe this source.

    Then there is a printed text that does not carry any useful information, do not read it, this is local insanity.

  8. If you are being followed, then you are still alive and able to create something and express an alternative opinion. I was still a student at Moscow State University when Yu. V. Andropov personally invited me to the Kremlin and showed me 20 volumes of cases collected against me during 20 years of my unconventional life. He told me that he respected unconventional people like me who were interested in everything. But. he will put me now in a cell of the KGB of the USSR and there I will have to answer all the charges brought against me. And the rest of my life will depend on it. And for several weeks I sat in a cell in the Lubyanka and studied the details of my life, which they tried to accuse me of. I adequately denied all the charges and showed the guilt of those who followed me. And I am grateful to the KGB of the USSR for the fact that I was able to remember my whole life and remember my friends and partners, as well as to recognize my enemies, who introduce themselves as “friends” and write denunciations against me to the authorities.

    I left the cell of the KGB of the USSR, holding the post of consultant to Yu. V.Andropov.

    In 1989, I was invited to visit Vladimir Putin in Dresden. He directly asked me what would happen in Germany, in Europe and in the USSR. I thanked him for his trust and for a few days of work I wrote him a forecast of development in Germany in Europe, in the USSR-CIS, in Russia and in the World for 10-15 years ahead. Vladimir Putin invited me to his home and there we had a drink and he asked me to forgive him. He should have taken me out of my life. But, he realized that denunciations of me are denunciations of competitors. And we parted partners.

    Everything is very complicated in Politics.

  9. I would probably be proud that the Russian president spends his time carefully following the life of a person like me. Russia has approximately 145 million inhabitants. And Putin chose me! That's cool.

    Many people spend a lot of effort and money so that “stars” who will be forgotten in five years, just gave them an autograph. And I, without putting any effort, will be the object of Putin's observation, which the mentioned “stars”will never reach.

  10. Fear is only under the supervision of someone who knows reality. The special services are inhabited by very narrow-minded people. For them, a person of lower castes is either a victim in the name of something, or a vegetable living within a given system. They will not be able to interpret the lives of those for whom they do not matter. Their power is more complex than is customary in political science, but it is illusory primarily for them. So the answer is: I'll just take note of it.

  11. I would have sincerely sympathized with him. My life is wildly boring for an external draughtsman. I am a stay-at-home person, and in recent years I don't drink, smoke, read, or listen to music… It's terribly boring to follow me…

  12. hm.. if I suddenly found out that I was constantly being hidden by Putin's hidden cameras, I would ask him to throw me donations-otherwise why does he watch my life, have fun, but pay nothing?

  13. I would thank you from the bottom of my heart. This means that my life is of interest to the state and, as such, will be protected from possible troubles. And if it is still Vladimir Vladimirovich personally, then…Ah! I'm all yours! I don't expect anything bad.

  14. And what would you do if you found out that your whole life is under the supervision of your parents, friends and neighbors in the house, grandmothers sitting at the entrance and….just aliens?

  15. Why Putin? Would you be more comfortable with Trump or MAcron? After all, the President is hardly interested in your life. But Vladimir Vladimirovich lives under a magnifying glass. The whole world is watching him, his words, his silence, the color of his tie. This is really hard.

  16. What would you do? Yes, I would have continued to live. You think someone really needs your life, pay taxes and sleep well 😀

    All the people who are important to the authorities have been under surveillance for a long time. Until you become like this, you don't have to worry 🙂

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