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  1. What I would consider necessary and correct…)

    I don't see any obstacles that would make me change my mind.In any case,knowing how everything can end, I would try to cram as many actions as possible in the time allotted to me,aimed at the result of my plan.

    And by the way…it is not a fact that in a world where I would have existed and known about the final,everything would have ended the same way as here on Earth.The ways of the Lord are inscrutable…and, quite possibly, HE would have found a different solution regarding the fate of His Son…)But I wouldn't count on that anyway,and I'd do everything I could to make sure my efforts weren't wasted.

  2. Ahah, citizen, so I know in advance that in life I will be betrayed and then buried.

    at least once in your life, but someone will definitely sell you, and then you will die and be buried.

    everyone knows that.
    We are all mortal.

    But does that stop you from moving? on the contrary, there is a desire to have more time

  3. What's the point of closing up in this case?�

    If they betray me anyway and kill me early, then I'd rather die after living an interesting life by speaking out and participating in everything I want.

    The problem is that without this confidence in” failure”, there is a fear of losing what each of us has (no matter how old he is) – his future.

  4. If you are talking about the biography of Jesus, then I personally think that he didn't care much about Judas ' meager personality at all, he was well aware that he would have an army of poets and followers, he spoke about his disciples out of reference to the time now, and he could well mean some of the modern Christians. The prospect of receiving a crown of fame all over the world was also opened. Choosing the realms of the world in that short time interval would have been much more shortsighted. But I don't think he really thought in terms of fame. This is the path of an initiated person, who is required to completely eliminate their personal wishlist and plans for some of their life. You are chosen, endowed with certain wonderful gifts – you do. Something similar happens with shamans who have been chosen by a spirit at some point. An attempt to doubt and look back will immediately end in spiritual collapse. Yaidusmechemsudiya. With Jesus, everything was harsh. There was no choice. A hard tunnel between the mundane, the sinful, and the very broad prospects in heaven.

    Would you move towards your goals or close in?

    You ask what I would do? Yes, in my rather light and simple scenario of fate, I have already managed to get stuck many times, while doing it thoroughly. What would I do if the fate of the world hung over me? I would have hanged myself right away, I know for sure.

  5. I don't know if this is the answer to the question, but take the movie “Arrival”, for example. As I understand it, heptapods perceive time differently, i.e., as in your question, they know “what will happen”. But they can't change it/don't want to (?) In any case, “they face problems” there is no choice. If you perceived time in the same way, that is, time was non-linear for you, and everything existed at once (and Christ probably did, because you are hinting at him?), then I can assume that you would also relate to the so-called “future” in a different way.

  6. What would you do if there was a war going on in your homeland? If you are a decent, honest and selfless person, not a coward or a traitor,then you will go to war, even knowing that with a high probability you can be killed or tortured in captivity, and there are enough traitors in war. Christ knew in advance that he would be betrayed and killed, but he also knew that he must save humanity,bring to people the light of new knowledge. This is why the book of his acts is called the New Testament, and in it he teaches that ” there is no greater love than if a man lay down his life for his friends.” The life of a Christian follows the principle of ” do what you must, and come what may.” Christianity teaches that there is a “spiritual battle” going on in the world ,and Christians are warriors. A soldier in war should not look at the fact that someone fell,someone ran, someone was killed. He is responsible for the boundary entrusted to him,and this boundary is his own soul,for which he is responsible. The world can go crazy, but you have to stay human. And it's not easy. Christianity is a religion that teaches courage and perseverance. And for this,in particular, I like her.

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