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  1. Yes, what mistakes in 17 years, when day and night “play hormone”? What are the mistakes when your head is occupied with classmates and classmates? What did we do that was necessary and useful to make mistakes? All “mistakes” of 17 years old, due to the extreme snotiness of this age, and no more. All the “mistakes” went into the piggy bank of life, and will be rethought over the years, when “play hormone” will be with a less bravura motive. This is the prose of life.

  2. I would have done all the same things. Because this is my way and it is unique and the best for me. And try to live like that in a different way, then it will no longer be me.

  3. I would pay more attention to my education. At the age of 17, I went on a break, constantly hanging out somewhere, going to parties and so on. And I could learn, for example, English, which I miss so much right now.

  4. If I had returned at 16 instead of 17, I would never have taken a cooking class. After 5 days of school, these Saturday morning hours were hell, given the teacher's not-so-good attitude. I would not have gone to these courses, perhaps my state of mind would have been much better, because after them I had to go to practice to work in one of the supermarkets, where my friend and I were simply used to the maximum, forced to peel fish, potatoes, carrots, fry all sorts of pies and do other dirty and unpleasant work for 7 hours in a row. This is all, of course, without payment and with a very bad attitude of the authorities, who constantly yelled for omissions even for good reasons. From so from

  5. Eh it's a pity we can't go back one year(

    I will say that I made a lot of mistakes in my 17 years, and I don't regret them. After all, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be what I've become. After all, my mistakes cleared the way for me to a brighter future, where I will never do such a thing again.

    With each mistake, we become wiser. My mom's words.

    Good luck and love to you

  6. The main mistake is that I was wasting my time.

    Here's a tip: when you want to do something, ask yourself: “Will it help me?”, ” Will it improve my life?”

    For example, I'm not a politician, so the world news will not improve my life in any way, so fuck them, it's better to do something useful: books, lectures, development in your field, etc.) Good luck

    Then hold until December 17,and drain 20k each.
    And the rest is not important, I am satisfied with my path.
    Oh, and don't throw away the music.

  8. I would be less naive and open and avoid communicating with some people. But if I did, I don't know what I would be like now. Therefore, you can fantasize, but in reality you don't need to change anything and regret anything. Our mistakes brought us up to be who we are now. Let's recall the films “The Butterfly Effect” and”Mr. Nobody”. Even a small change in the past can dramatically affect the future.

  9. What would you do if you were given the chance to go back to the age of 17? Experience, mistakes that you would like to correct, anything )? Perhaps I would have avoided conscription and studied for another specialty

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