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  1. do not be afraid of anything and never doubt yourself, even if it seems that all is lost.

    whatever happens, remember that time will pass and you will remember each of your past problems with a smile.

  2. I wish you to be a motivation for other people. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to you, my friend, and once again congratulations, ah, once again!

  3. Happy birthday, buddy!

    I wish you more courage to do crazy things. after all, you can justify their stupidity with your age. from the most childish pranks to adult amusements! believe me, the excuse “I'm 17 and I don't understand anything yet” works almost always

    I wish you a lot of strength, because 17 years is like a beta version of adult life. you are facing one of the most important and significant intersections in your life, the main thing is to choose the right direction and go there confidently. even if you make a mistake, it's not scary at all, because there is still time to change everything

    more patience. perhaps you will think that you have understood this life, the structure of the world and in general how you could not understand it before and why everyone is so stupid and does not see it. Believe me, they can see. some more, some less, but they see. appreciate your parents, appreciate the people around you, and appreciate everything you have right now

    more ambition, create your own memories!

    well, happiness, health, good luck in your personal life!

  4. I wish you to breathe deeply, take everything and even more from life, devote time to self-development and live so many years that you have time to read all the worthy books.

    happy Birthday!

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