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  1. Well, that's an old topic. “what would you wish for yourself, but the enemy will also have, but twice as much?”. Not everyone has enemies in life, real ones, to the point of gnashing their teeth, but who does…It was said a long time ago: Lord, put out one of my eyes

  2. 4 million rubles. I always wish myself at least 4 million rubles. I have plans for them.

    And I don't care about the material well-being of my enemies, even if there are ten times as many of them. I don't even know them (because I don't have any enemies among those I know).

    And I would be familiar, I still don't care. The main thing is that I arrived.

  3. in any case, I would wish myself well, happiness, wisdom, real joy, peace and quiet, etc., without any guile and tricks that can solve the paradox described in the question ( how to get out of it so that I get nishtyaki, and my enemy some nasty stuff) – and let my enemy get twice as much. I'm not greedy )

  4. Height 180 cm and 32 healthy teeth. Two ears and two eyes, of course. Now you can wish good health, wisdom and financial well-being. Again, family happiness.

  5. A whole, healthy personality. Let the enemy with a split personality on psychotherapists run))) Well, what about it?! I shouldn't have gotten on my nerves.

  6. Information from the Internet, redneck TV shows, advisors and advisors, success stories, advertising everything and everything, snow in winter, heat in summer, sadness in autumn, hormones in spring, and all the best.

  7. If you answer with black humor – I would wish myself a normal content in the tests of all substances that are checked in the clinic. And let the enemy have them twice as much as the norm.))

  8. I would wish for myself: indecisiveness in making important decisions “and a lack of trust in people and their actions, a tendency to analyze” . And let this paranoid person continue to live.

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