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  1. Pennywise immediately came to mind. From the first film adaptation of “It”. I watched this movie a long time ago as a child and I'm still afraid to review it. After that, I developed a strong dislike for clowns)

  2. I don't know, my boggart wouldn't be a physical object or anything tangible. Maybe it would have been me feeling down or sick or something…

  3. He'd be like me, but a pretty battered drug addict. Heroin, I think. This is the first option. The second is a dying person or animal that can't be helped. The third option is a big dangerous snake, very nasty. And if she's also dying, and you can even help her, then that's the most terrible thing, because it will hurt me like hell to watch, but it will be very scary to help.

    Probably, all this can be combined into the fourth option – I (that is, Boggart) on heroin withdrawal, and as soon as I try to help myself-Boggart, it starts to turn into an evil big snake, which also dies, but then I give up before the disgust for these animals.

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