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  1. I met my future wife. We met, rented an apartment, it was going to the wedding. I dreamed of my own apartment, envied those lucky people who got their own housing. Well, we got married. And after a very short time,my grandmother was accidentally diagnosed with late-stage cancer during a routine examination and died a few months later, leaving me her apartment as an inheritance. The wish came true, but there was no joy – only sorrow and sadness.

  2. This happens all the time! Here are some recent examples. I was out of work for the first week of January. And he really, really wanted her. I'm an industrial climber, and in winter we mostly clean the snow. And in the end, the snow fell in proportion to my desire. We worked 12-14 hours a day. Naturally, towards the end of the month, we were terribly tired, and we all began to wish that he would finally stop. You are welcome. Above-zero temperature. I've been at home for a week now. I redid all the cases, with the children in turn with all the outgoers. I paid a lot of attention to my wife for the whole month. Already at work would, but cold weather only in a dozen days promise…

  3. Very good aphorism. In my life, it works like this: I crave things that I am not ready for inwardly, for which I cannot be responsible. I, for example, want to make a good impression, get approval for my talents and abilities-this is easy for me. But when I have to use my abilities for the benefit of someone , I start to regret that I showed myself. That is, I only want to receive, not give. I don't want to be responsible for my desire. It is selfish. Therefore, I believe that I should be more careful with selfish desires and understand that I should be responsible for their consequences.

  4. When I was a child, I was about 7 years old, one boy at school really offended me, now I don't even remember what and how. And I, in my heart, wished him dead. In general, after a couple of weeks, my wish came true: he died of a severe form of jaundice. I don't know if it's my fault or just a coincidence.

  5. In my experience, my wishes and random thoughts came true. But less often than they didn't come true. For example: once, when I was at school, I didn't do my physics lessons and thought to myself, at least the lesson would be canceled, for example, the teacher got sick. During recess right before class, she told us that she was feeling unwell and that we should go home. I was very upset then, I thought that I was a terrible person, and it's not good to wish for such a thing. Looking back now , how many times have I hoped for something like this and it didn't happen? And my wishes didn't come true much more often. That is, on the one hand, it is an accident. We just notice exactly the moments of fulfilled desires. On the other hand, whether consciously or not, people attract what they want. Your lifestyle, your behavior. And here you need to be more careful.

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