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  1. I'm very familiar with your problem. And the only solution to the problem is to force yourself to look into the eyes. Because you can't not watch it. When people interact with each other, they don't even think about how often they subconsciously look for an answer in the eyes of others. And the more often eye contact occurs, the easier it is for the person with you. Otherwise, the person will simply feel a slight antipathy to you, something in you, in his opinion, will be wrong. It is not for nothing that they believe that lies first of all shoot at the eyes.�

    It's always been hard labor for me. Years of observation have helped me understand when people expect a look from me and how much to look at, but this only works with”vzdivivnosti views”. 7 years ago, I found my dream job, where I often have to discuss something, advise someone. And he sits and sticks. And if you don't look him in the eye, he moves closer and stabs again. There are times when I quickly crumple up the conversation and run away from the other person. I don't give a fuck =)

    Also, I don't want to scare you, but avoiding eye contact is one of the most common symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. And, although we have little in common with rain man, I am autistic, as it turned out recently =)

  2. You probably have low self-esteem, dear friend. Perhaps you are embarrassed by your appearance, and therefore it is uncomfortable to look into the eyes of the other person. As strange as it may sound, try to exercise. Talk to your reflection in the mirror while looking into your eyes. I guarantee to reduce your phobia.

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