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  1. Since they feel mutual sympathy and attraction to each other, which can start with a simple conversation or meeting at work or in a public place, but it doesn't matter where it happens, the main thing is that they fit each other and everything else is just little things that don't play a significant role in the relationship, except of course if their meetings and communication.Once they feel that they are ready for them and that they can't live without each other…

  2. Strange question. The author's position is not very clear: what exactly does he want to know? What is “can”? A – “dating”? If you answer “head-on” – then “from any”. Or is it about some kind of permission, a norm of society? Or do you like someone and can't sort out your feelings?

    In my opinion, the one who achieves his goals is the one who moves towards them. To do this, you should take the ” I ” position: from what point do I want to meet this person? And do I want to? If the answers are yes, then maybe you should show this person your sympathy? And, at the same time, to understand whether you are really interested in him. If the person responds in kind – great, and if not, who prevents you from trying again otherwise? But, of course, you also need a sense of tact to understand if you are really not interested. Rapprochement is almost always like a dance, you need to learn to feel your partner subtly. Then the question of” when ” simply cannot arise in principle. Watch this “dance” – the first 10 minutes of the movie “Meet Joe Black”. Without trying quite persistently, but at the same time tactfully, to slightly violate the boundaries of another person-you will never find yourself behind them, inside. To get close, you need to get there.

  3. Fun cover art.

    It seems to me at the moment when the desire will be mutual and both will be sure of this. And yes, this is exactly what you would like, and did not think in your head, which would not be bad, because in the early periods of desire, levushka or a guy (but this is less common) may not be ready and sometimes not even believe that everything is mutual and be disappointed. Well, like something wrong will think, will not be able to believe that about the same thought in the head of both. They'll think they want to use them or something. Well, don't think about it too much,everyone has their own cockroaches,and I hope that you will not have such people in your life,I just wrote about it because they exist,although honestly,I think that at this rate they will die out like dinosaurs ,but this will not be the end,because as long as there are modern trends,these people appear out of nowhere.

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