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  1. Legally — at the age of 18, gaining legal capacity and civil rights. Everything else is from the evil one.

    A man is nothing more than a name for a male person.

    And what's in his head is his own business, if the person is law-abiding.

    The rest is just idle speculation that sounds out of date.

    “Protect the family” — firstly, not everyone needs it, secondly, the police should deal with this, thirdly, we have crooked laws on self-defense and home inviolability, and fourthly, who will need a disabled person in a hospital bed, who fits in on the street for a woman and decides to“defend the honor”, fifthly, let's legalize a short-barreled gun (with a well-established control system for accounting for “trunks”) and teach women to shoot from it. After all, a man is not always around.

    “To provide for the family” — well, everything is clear here, too. We are not in any 18th century, women have the right to a decent education, a job and equal pay, plus extensive contraception, which was not even available 30 years ago. Even the decree factor implies some responsibility for a woman's future fate and a balanced approach to childbearing — and not this “a man should” and “I will get married urgently”.


    In general, the main thing is to be a person and behave like a human being. Help those who need it, regardless of gender, age, ethnic or religious affiliation. Take care of nature, throw garbage in the trash can. Flush after yourself in public toilets and wash your hands after visiting them. Know municipal or district deputies from your current place of residence, know State Duma deputies from your electoral district. Know the authorities in the district departments of law enforcement agencies — the prosecutor's office, the investigative committee, the police.

  2. To answer the question, you need to find out what are the most important qualities a man should have. Ahem … “find out” – this implies some kind of logical chain, right? In fact, I just have a ready answer. A man should be able to take responsibility for his own actions, and the actions of those for whom he is responsible (wife, children, pets, etc.), as well as be able to make decisions. A person who makes decisions and is responsible for them, and is also able to take responsibility for his family, I call a man. Otherwise, no.

  3. Very simple, my friend!

    You need to take a mammoth swim bladder, a lion's beak, a baked dolphin's nail, a couple of toad feathers, a pinch of cactus leaves and a teaspoon of red pepper, pour all this with three glasses of vodka and insist for three days in a warm place protected from light.

    Take a teaspoon for every 20 kilograms of weight three times a day strictly after meals for a week.

    If after the course you can say something like “N@#uy go, dog” to the person who raises the question of your masculinity instead of being loaded with someone's subjective assessment-congratulations, you have successfully become a man. Or a penguin. Or pineapple. In short, what you wanted to be.

    In case of failure, stuck words in the head and concomitant depression against the background of lack of maturity, masculinity and a couple of bonus centimeters in the length of the penis, the course will be repeated with a break of three days until full recovery.

  4. For a boy to become a man, he must slay his dragon and drink its blood from a goblet of ice and fire, asking the dragon from Khaleesi Dienerys Targaryen

  5. When responsibility and income appear

    When we grow up, our parents take care of us. They monitor our health, help us get the necessary information, and give us money. A young man becomes a man when there is a change of roles and he himself begins to take care of his parents, a woman, children and provides for them.

  6. If you look at it from the point of view of socialization within the social roles that exist in our society (and it is patriarchal and cruel), then a ” guy “becomes a” man ” when for the most part he begins to meet the criteria of masculinity, such as having a family or long-term heterosexual relationships, having a stable income, and also having certain character traits and behavioral characteristics. The stereotypical “man” does not cry, does not complain, does not talk much, but if he speaks, then only on business, strives for power in any form. It also plays a huge role for other ” men ” to consider this person their own. Usually, male-type socialization ends by the age of 30, judging by what I see.

    Biologically speaking, a man becomes a man after puberty is complete and when he can start competing for a female.�

    From my personal point of view, in the modern world, everything is going to the point that more and more people stop dividing the world into two camps based on the structure of the genitals, and understand and accept both masculine and feminine traits. Therefore, such concepts as a guy, a man gradually lose their social color and turn only into a description of the stage of ontogenesis of a particular individual. Which is good news.

  7. Sign up 100 women, eat only raw meat for 7 years, kill all your blood enemies, change the asphalt at home with your bare hands, and only then will you be able to feel like a REAL man

  8. In a simple way: a guy gains experience and makes many different mistakes and cannot exist without support, and a man is a person who can ensure the survival and safety of not only himself.

  9. A man is always a man, just physiologically. Everything else is your preconceptions, subjective attitudes, patterns, and expectations. The main thing is to be a reasonable person, think more, and not be led to all this.

    For women, this question arises when evaluating a potential partner. But happy together is not at all those who found “the most courageous man in the world”)

    It is more correct to reduce this question to the process of personality formation.

  10. When he can be responsible for himself and the people he is responsible for.
    It can be a 10-year-old boy or a 50-year-old uncle. A man in the understanding of the Russian people is not just a man with a pipisk.

  11. Whenever he wants it.

    By and large, a person has the right to be called as he pleases.

    And by definition, any person born a man (or a woman) has the right to put on the label of a man at any time.

    What's stopping you? Nobody and nothing.

    For me personally, this label means nothing.

    I care more about what kind of person is inside.

  12. A man becomes a man when a person begins to bear responsibility for himself and for those people who depend on him (children, spouse, elderly parents, subordinates, etc.)

    Simply put: man = responsibility. Age, appearance, amount of income, etc. � are secondary criteria.

  13. Never again.

    We live in an amazing time when you don't have to worry about it at all. Live for yourself and be happy, be what you want. Very convenient. Any division into “guy” and ” man ” in modern society is almost meaningless, and thank God.

  14. You need to go through an initiation ritual.

    To begin with, it is worth mentioning that even a man can be said that he is “not a man”. That is, how to become a man who will always be considered a man by everyone is an unrealistic task. But the question probably did not arise from scratch.

    I will try to change this question.

    How can a guy feel like a man and how to fix this feeling in himself, turn it into a stable attitude that can be expressed in the words ” I am a man!”???

    There is a significant pitfall on the way to the answer. It is that (at least for me) the most acute sense of myself as a man arose when communicating with a woman who was important and attractive to me, and who also considered me a respected and attractive man. And the trap here is that with a lack of sense of masculinity, I was drawn to this woman. It was as if she was giving me that feeling with her consent. She had the deciding vote on my masculinity. Whenever she got mad at me and wanted to manipulate me, my potential sense of masculinity became a tool for manipulation. The woman had the opportunity to say “What are you, not a man or something? Come on, do everything well” or otherwise “I'm such a weak and helpless girl, I really need a man who will do this for me, this is also a list of 50 points.” At such moments, the sense of masculinity (self-esteem) is seriously tested. It is possible to submit to pressure and do what a woman demands, so that she will return her consent to the fact that I am a man. She's in control. Many women call this sad control their strength. “Bitches” learn to use this power perfectly. This works very well with those boys whose mothers know very well how “a real man should behave” and often poke their husbands ' noses at this image.

    To get out of this trap, since ancient times there was an initiation ritual that was organized by men for those who wanted to become men. The essence of this ritual usually consisted in passing a test-an examination of your manhood and coming face to face with the most dangerous woman… by death. A man who managed to maintain clarity of thought and firmness of hand at the moment of meeting death returned to the circle of men, and they accepted him as an equal.

    The memory of this moment later supported the man when his beloved woman lost self-control and tried to control her man, robbing him of respect and the opportunity to look like a man in her eyes. And when a woman had a chance to be unstable and not be responsible for everything around her, she usually had more confidence in a man, which is called “like behind a stone wall”.

    A stable sense of masculinity can be obtained only in communication with men who you yourself consider men without any reservations.

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