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  1. Jokes give aesthetic evaluations to typical observed situations according to the rules of culture. Therefore, different peoples rate different jokes as funny or not funny.

    The line here is still difficult to follow because humor drifts towards fantasy and free play, and even if it doesn't hit the target and doesn't resonate with others, it can be fun.

  2. When I'm in another city and people ask me where I'm from, I answer: from Humiliated Tagil. The city of labor glory thanks to the “Petrosyans” and other “Tagil rules” turned into a laughing stock. I don't mind humor. In “<url>” there are several hundred of my “electronically proven” jokes that are still relevant today. There are also frankly stupid ones. Age, understand. I may not be patriotic, but I like the Diesel Show. And I don't watch humor on our channels for a long time. It's below the waist. I am not ashamed of the city, the country, and I look forward with hope. I don't lower my head.

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