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  1. They'll probably mention it, but…

    If your man likes beautiful women, and at the same time he is with you, most likely, you are a beautiful woman. So I don't see the problem. (:

    My ex-girlfriend in the pictures often had beautiful and very tall girls, because such were in her taste, and I-here's a surprise-I differ in height, and beauty too (if you listen to her). So I wasn't jealous of her pictures. And with another former young man, so in general, we somehow watched his, ahem, secret daddy with 18+ movies together, a fun experience. Well, in the end, none of them (as far as I know, heh) he didn't cheat on me, pictures and porn were just pictures and porn. A lot of places generally say that it is absolutely normal to mastrubate on all this, while you have a real live partner.

    If you still can't score , talk to them. But only without scandals, just gently find out why it is preserved in this particular direction.

  2. Well, here you can solve the problem in several ways. 1. Talk to him, discuss the problem that so and so, I don't want you to look at naked women, it offends me.

    1. Sit down and try to figure out why you are so annoyed by these photos, women's envy, your complexes, jealousy, understand that it is somehow stupid to be jealous and angry at the picture; well, your person will not run away to them through the phone or computer screen.

    2. Well, my “feminine” way. Send him your photos in beautiful underwear and without it, I think if you are together, then you excite him, and your beautiful ass and breasts will turn him on more than unfamiliar aunts.

  3. 1) Well, you can discuss this with your boyfriend. Ask him if he's comfortable with your body and why he keeps photos of other women.

    2) And you do not look at the photos of other men? Don't you really enjoy the aesthetic (and erotic) pleasure of viewing photos of beautiful men? Let's not be disingenuous, we all sometimes stare at others.

    3) Is this a problem? It also saves photos of completely unknown girls. You know, sometimes my partners asked me which of the actresses I liked the most. This is some kind of vague ideal that everyone has. It is exclusively erotic, because it is not associated with tender feelings and spiritual intimacy.

    So decide what to do with your young man.

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