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  1. … if you gave, then you can already kiss. But if you gave it at the first meeting in front of an unfamiliar company, then it is better not to kiss at all, but just to smoke.

  2. Did you know that all guys and girls can be divided into several groups? Their opinions are radically different from each other about whether it is possible to kiss on the first date. The first group consists of people who are passionate, impulsive, and sexual, and they crave thrills. If you belong to this group of people, you should find yourself a girl with the same passionate temperament. Surely the two of you will take the initiative not to kiss on the second date, it is quite painful for you, you will have passionate kisses already during the first meeting! The other group consists of people who believe that getting to know each other well is necessary for a close relationship, and this always takes time. As a rule, they are romantic personalities, shy and modest. Often it turns out that their relationship does not develop into a love affair, they remain at the level of friendship. Such a girl, to decide on a kiss, it will take too much time, which not all young people are ready for. This group includes not only girls, but also guys who are also convinced that it is unacceptable to kiss on the first date. And finally, the third group is people with the nature of a “hunter”. They go to the meeting in anticipation of a passionate relationship, for them a kiss is a kind of trophy. You should guess that you should not count on a long-term relationship here, because having achieved the goal-having kissed you, the guy goes in search of another object to confirm his perfection and unsurpassability. Such a man usually climbs to kiss on the first date, because this is his goal of communicating with you. If he succeeds, it is likely that your communication will not end with a kiss that same evening.

    Most girls are true romantics by nature. When they go to meet a young person for the first time, they attach special importance to the date, believe in the sincerity of feelings and make plans for the future. To please the guy, and make a good impression on him, before and in thoughts was not about such an early kiss. However, modern teenage girls look at this issue differently, but in vain…

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