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  1. I would give a fairly simple answer, as often as possible.�

    In general, of course, everything depends on your interpretation of emotion management. They cannot be controlled, in the usual sense of the word. No matter how well the mind plays, the limbic system cannot be overplayed. We learn to react with certain emotions to certain events from the very moment we are born, not even to mention genetics.�

    And in general, control rather implies a lack of response to the stimulus, in this case. For example, when you are angry but calm, you are sad but smiling, and so on. This is even somewhat dangerous, because emotions show you how you really feel. Of course, there is also the question of your interpretation of what you are experiencing, but we will omit it now.�

    After this short introduction, I would like to develop my idea further.�

    Emotions are extremely important not only because they show you your current state. They create a certain binding in your memories, and in general, everything that we have associated with emotions, especially strong ones, is remembered more strongly and for a longer period of time. So if you are experiencing positive emotions in the right situations(for example, at funerals we do not usually laugh or even rejoice), you should allow yourself to act in accordance with them, but not overdo it, and be aware of your actions. You can remember the examples yourself, but since you asked for them in real life. For example, I allow myself to show almost any kind of emotions accepted in society as positive, in the company of close people. I was happy when my brother was born, I had fun when I was going to a gallery or a museum with my friends. But I could also be amused by other people's indignation and annoyance, I wanted to laugh when I saw how difficult it was for my friends. This was more likely due to the fact that I was very worried about them, and so I tried to cope with stress, but you will agree that this still would not fit the situation(although you can fasten it so that it fits)�

    With emotions accepted as negative, everything is much easier. Show them a little bit, so that other people understand that you are a real person. Mix them with fully conscious and strategically thought-out actions, but try not to show them as a stream that breaks out in a straight line. As for me, you should show the other person what you really feel(unless of course you play poker, do not conduct power, or business negotiations, for example), and negative too. I understand why it has become taboo in our society, but this is also not correct.What makes us human is the full range of emotions, both those that we want to experience again and those that we don't want to feel ever. In this kind of management, I wasn't too good in life before. This resulted in insults, misunderstandings, and unnecessary difficulties with relatives and friends. I could fly into a rage and resentment and express it in the most unfavorable way to my parents, I could become cruel and closed to my closest friend after he accidentally offended me, I could be so absorbed in negative emotions that I could not respond to the person who interfered with my personal space. But when I began to control this flow, it began to give me the strength to protect myself in our rather harsh world. At the same time, I did not feel less sincere,but rather the opposite.�

    This will be my answer.It is very important to understand that this is completely individual advice, and my instructions may not be useful for you. The most important thing is to find your own response, to understand what exactly is comfortable for you. But do not forget about other people, because all our emotions in fact exist mainly for interacting with them. Don't put yourself and your emotions above other people, it can end badly. They are not a receptacle for your feelings, but lively and complex personalities that also require respect. Good luck with your search.

  2. It's like riding a bicycle – you can't forget how to do it. Feelings, emotions are like a tap with water – when it is necessary to turn away, when it is necessary to wrap up. You can't open it while solving some problems, because they can play a bad service here. And when everything is good and joyful, then open more and enjoy )

    The worst thing is when this “krantik” broke, but this is already a clinical case, requires the intervention of specialists… it is better not to bring it to this.

  3. Strictly speaking, it is harmful to control emotions-stress accumulates. But society requires this-the need for co-existence. Here you need a balance-there are situations when there are big consequences or actually everything will be correctly understood.

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