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  1. Currently, it is customary to separate the concepts of “sexual orientation “and”romantic orientation”.

    The fact is that in some cases (quite rarely, though) these two orientations may not coincide for someone.

    For example, when a certain person is sexually attracted to people of his own sex, but at the same time he sees himself in a relationship with a person of the opposite sex and all sorts of romantic things are pleasant to him with this person, except for sex (however, if a person tries to forcibly convince himself that he likes people of the other sex, although he�

    But to a greater extent, this still applies to asexuals. Asexuals may have little or no sexual desire, but they are able to enter into a romantic love relationship.

    It may be the other way around, when a person can not build romantic relationships with anyone at all, but at the same time having sexual relations is not problematic for him or her, and even necessary.

  2. You can go down to the level of electrons and nuclei, and try to explain the mechanisms from this point of view)

    In all this, there is a body program for attraction to the opposite sex and copulation/reproduction.

    The awareness of the human being allows him to modify the body's program and use attraction as entertainment, not just as reproduction.

    This same awareness allows people to form groups and set rules about romance, friendship, and so on.

    Also here you need to add a couple more natural phenomena, or maybe programs, but rather they are programs of the mind, but not the body.

    This is the natural attraction of two beings with an increase or decrease in their sympathies for each other. In this context, I want to put several similar properties into the word Sympathy – attraction, attraction, Love.

    Thus, liking increases with the accumulation of good communication or decreases if there is little or no communication. About maximum Sympathy can be called Love.

    As a result, Romantic attraction will be a Liking that has arisen on a bodily basis as a sexual attraction, on a natural basis as an attraction with an increase in the amount of good communication, and on a social construct, such as the influence of family and society on taste choices and preferences in choosing a partner for a relationship or friendship.

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