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  1. About 20 years ago, cosmopolitan sometimes (there was still something interesting there then), read in transport if you don't have a book with you.

    Because there was no Internet.�

    And now there is. It's easier to read from the screen.

  2. Exactly 20 years ago, when I looked after the first computer. Hardware magazines with all sorts of product ratings, benchmarks, etc. I looked after it, bought it, sorted it out, and set up the Internet. I saw electronic texts, and at the same moment I realized that I would never read anything from paper again. Oh, yes, once I bought another gaming magazine, seduced by the free toy on the attached disk. All.

    First of all, you can manage electronic text 100% as you like – not like a pulp pancake soaked in multi-colored fuel oil. Secondly, the magazine is a hodgepodge of incomprehensible things, whereas I usually need one article on the topic of interest. Magazines impose a certain style, belonging to a certain “club”… I've never understood who needs it.

  3. About twenty-five years ago-some porn. �Wasn't connected to the Internet yet, that's why. ,But… twenty years ago – magazines in London, where optical disks were included, and a full disk from London for such ridiculous money-only so much could be brought. A little later , I brought five almost random magazines from Rome, tried to learn Italian, and already mastered English at the same level.

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