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  1. Wikipedia:
    Since masturbation is found even among animals and is practiced in a wide variety of human societies, it is natural to assume that it has existed throughout human history. As societies evolved, the widening gap between the biologically determined age of puberty and the socially determined age of sexual initiation increased the prevalence of masturbation. At the same time, it was perceived differently in different cultures.

    Prehistoric cave paintings depicting human masturbation are found all over the world. It seems that early humans associated human sexuality with abundance in nature. In the IV-III thousand. In Mesopotamia, the Sumerians used masturbation, both to themselves and with a partner, as a common way to increase sexual power. At one time, Egyptian pharaohs were required to perform ceremonial masturbation in the Nile. A fourth-millennium BC clay figurine from the site of a temple on the island of Malta depicts a woman masturbating. However, for the ancient world, images of male masturbation were more familiar.

    In ancient Greece and Rome, masturbation was perceived as one of the natural ways of pleasure. The Greeks viewed masturbation as a normal and healthy substitute for other forms of sexual pleasure, seeing it as a safety valve against destructive sexual dissatisfaction. Many types of devices for masturbation were invented and manufactured, the main one being the olybos-an artificial penis that could be made from materials such as wood, leather, clay, etc. Greek art and literature also focus on female masturbation.

    In contrast, in South and South-East Asia, where the idea of sperm as a receptacle and source of vitality was widespread, male masturbation and the associated loss of sperm were frowned upon, as it was believed that excessive ejaculation of sperm leads to the development of many diseases.

    Similar ideas existed in Muslim culture. Avicenna (XII century) considers both excessive ejaculation and semen retention harmful, and estimates masturbation as less harmful than normal sexual intercourse.

  2. Probably, along with how the animals got their genitals and what you can get to them, limbs, for example.

    This is a natural sexual behavior of a person. The only question is how the attitude to this issue has changed in different cultures and historical periods. And masturbation was always there.

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