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  1. An introvert is not just a sociopath. An introvert can be just as socialized as an extrovert, but they just don't need constant communication, and they prefer to communicate less, but more closely. An introvert also likes to spend time alone.

    Second – why do you need to socialize? Answer this question for yourself. If you are hindered by your modesty or inability to communicate, then this is a good thing. And if you are an introvert who knows how to communicate, but does not like parties and gatherings, then you do not need to break yourself.

    Where should I go to socialize? Build on your own interests. You can become a volunteer/ go to a master class, lecture, or meeting/ meet people online and see them. There is also an exercise: go out of the house and talk to 5 people. For example, they saw a man with a dog, came up and asked what kind of breed it was/ Can I pet it?/ What's your name?” You go further – a man in a cool jacket. Tell me what a cool jacket he has, where can I get one? You can ask friends to invite you to a party or company, let your friends introduce you to other friends, etc.

  2. In fact, an introvert is usually as socialized as an extrovert.

    Starting from the first grade, we all go through this crisis, which is socialization. Except that children in co-education, family training, are socialized in other formats.

    And then – any study/work in a team.

    Falling out of social interactions, when a person works remotely, freelancing, a woman does not go to work for several years after giving birth, a person retires and stops social contacts-that's right. It makes sense to do something about it if the person himself is not comfortable.

    And in itself, introversion does not imply any defect in socialization at all.�

    Even though I am a mother of introversion, I have been working with people all my life: an obstetrician-gynecologist, salesperson, psychologist, and business coach… Where else…

  3. Most likely, they meant social phobia, fear of people, contacts with them, etc.�

    I had such a neglected life situation, but 3 years ago I pulled myself together and entered a normal life (now I am 19). The last grades of school are the perfect time for this radical change, because then you will be entering a university, and this is already the beginning of a new life, when you can safely forget everyone who was, and everything that was, before the first year. Here are some tips from how I struggled with this:

    • Stop joking (because your jokes are critically stupid), and it's better to try not to laugh at all at first, to be more serious.
    • If you're driving in public transport, look people in the eye. You see a beautiful unknown girl/guy-look in the eyes. If he looks at you, don't look away. Watch and break yourself. It helps.
    • You can have more live conversations with people, or with passers-by.
    • More speaking in public (at school it was presentations, reports of all sorts, conferences).
      It helped me.

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