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  1. In general, there are many options, I will mention one – events organized by libraries. There you can almost always meet interesting people among the public.

  2. In my own experience, debaters are one of those people with whom you can chat about almost anything, and they are quite open to communication. It's easy to find them, most universities have debate clubs, so try going there 🙂

  3. Smart people can be found in many places. To do this, you just need to purposefully search for them. And at the same time, be yourself, at least, not stupid, and even better, also smart. And then you will definitely find smart people for communication and friendship.

  4. At scientific conferences. Conferences are not only reports and lectures, but also a lot of communication. Moreover, this does not necessarily depend on how “exciting” the science itself is; nematode specialists can anneal quite at the level of theater experts.

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