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  1. For me, the benefit of knowledge is its practical application and accessibility. I had to master Excel at work, searched the entire Internet, and came across the site “Watch Learn”, where I found a suitable video course. Therefore, for me personally ,the “usefulness of content” is measured by the following factors:practical use and clarity/visibility. What's the point of�information if you've read it but haven't�memorized/assimilated it?

  2. Now there are a lot of info-courses, trainings, seminars. But you have to pay money everywhere. At the same time, almost all the information is available on youtube and other sites completely free of charge.

    To make it easier to search, we created yalpi.org

    There are tens of thousands of free lessons on any topic from professionals. Come and see!)))))

  3. You should at least write down what areas you want to develop in, but you can't develop in all directions at once. I now get useful content for myself from Telegram channels selected for the topics I need. For me, this is journalism, IT, science news, technology. Look for suitable channels on your topics, you will learn something new every day.

  4. Useful content is everywhere, but to find it, you need to sort through a whole pile of unnecessary junk. Now there are too many people who think of themselves as specialists in a particular industry, and begin to describe what and how to do it.

    A great example of high – quality content is the TED lectures. It has everything and everything, even in several variations. But your question is too broad, so it is very difficult to give an exact answer. One thing I can say, if you want to develop in terms of creativity-inherit, but do not copy. You can read various monographs and books about writing skills, but be prepared that the writer will talk about his personal experience, which made him famous. There are also a lot of narrow specialization channels on YouTube, where you can learn a lot of useful information about a particular subject . In terms of learning languages, I can recommend an excellent site Duolingo, where everything is accessible and clearly described.

  5. What do you mean by “useful content”? Self-development just for the sake of a tick or in a specific area? �There would be more details. There are TED lectures, a lot of books and courses on a variety of topics.

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