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  1. Investments are usually divided into risky and low-risk ones. Their profitability also depends on the risk. Therefore, if you invest a small amount, you will not get a non-risk profit, the investment will lose its meaning. But a student can invest in their education, which can then bring financial benefits, among other things. You can invest in the development of your physical health, thereby reducing the cost of maintaining your working capacity and medical expenses in the long term. A schoolchild should not think about investing at all, because time is not infinite, you can not turn back your childhood, live and be happy.

  2. To begin with, I would recommend reading Kiyosaki, one of the few authors who reveals in an accessible form a fairly adequate model for dealing with money and building a business.

    From this model, in particular, you will understand that the words “invest” and “small amounts” are combined only in advertising of unscrupulous financial companies that rob and divorce pensioners and students – or in the monologue of a neighbor Vasya, who suggests that you invest money in the right business (with the same result).

    Real investments start at many zeros, which will require a lot of hard work. By that time, you will also have an understanding of how to protect and evaluate your investment.

  3. Invest in your education and it will bring you much more money. And you can start with any amount. The main thing is to choose the direction in which you want to develop and what you really like.

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