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  1. More and more residents of megacities are finding their “halves” on the Internet. Often, correspondence on dating sites even leads to marriage.

    According to experts, it is best to start your presentation with a photo. Girls should upload at least three successful photos. The first one is a portrait with a friendly expression on his face. On the second stage, you can show yourself in full growth, and on the third – share live emotions in real life, whether it's a walk with a dog or a vacation in the mountains. It is advisable to choose a positively charged photo that you and your friends would like. If you are looking for a serious relationship, in any case, do not post candid photos or pictures in a swimsuit. There will be a lot of offers, but they will hardly suit you. Those who limit themselves to just one photo may go unnoticed.

    Men should also post their successful photos, but those that show that they are socially active, full of energy and in demand in their environment. For example, in the gym, while driving. More exotic ones will also work: on horseback or in the desert. This will show you how versatile and socially active you are. Psychologists note that for men, appearance is not so important, the main thing is activity and success.

    So, the photos are ready. What should I write about myself in the questionnaire? Neither women nor men are advised by psychologists to write their full biography and plans for the future. Just a few bright phrases are enough and it is best to do it with humor. Girls can write something like ” I like to travel, drive a car, and bake pancakes.” You should not write in detail about yourself – otherwise your chosen one or chosen one may decide that you are a bore. Experts advise you to leave the details for a closer acquaintance. You need the person on the other side of the screen to want to get to know you better.

    And when looking through other people's profiles, we must not forget that on the Internet people embellish themselves, starting with photos and ending with opportunities and “regalia”. “Intuition should work, but not everyone has it developed. A huge number of people are wishful thinking, ” warns Evgenia Zotkina, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, sexologist, member of the Russian Scientific Sexological Society. – But after some time, the distance is reduced and the person “becomes” himself. You need to close the distance with someone to see the best in a person. And with someone, you never need to reduce it, because as long as the distance is maintained, the person appears as he wants to teach himself.”

    How to choose?

    Both women and men who want to build a serious relationship, in the “purpose of dating” column, you must write “love, relationships, family and marriage”. Psychologists note that children are an important point-later, due to different views on this issue, the couple may break up. You can briefly write about the qualities of the desired partner.

    Psychologists advise men who want to get a lot of feedback to write that they are looking for a woman who will be respected and cared for.

    What to pay attention to

    When the questionnaire is ready, you can go on a search. And here it is important not to miss some “talking” nuances. You can learn a lot about a person just by carefully reviewing their profile. For example, if a woman writes that she is looking for a self-sufficient, successful and wealthy man, she selects a person who will support her. If a man writes that he is looking for a “normal” woman who will take care of him, this may mean that he considers all his exes abnormal and sooner or later he will respond the same way about you. People often get punctured in such small things.

    Psychologists advise you to talk about yourself as honestly as possible on such sites. “Sometimes people who are not quite sure of themselves in real life enter the Internet space. Instead of developing themselves as individuals, the person presents an unrealistic image to their partner. And in the end, it turns out destruction, when two people meet and completely do not meet each other's expectations.

  2. To begin with, it would be a good idea to determine your criteria for normality and adequacy. Are we talking about the absence of mental illness? Fortunately, there are many such people. What kind of man you will be interested in-also decide only you.

  3. There are no such things. We are all degenerates, parasites, lazy goats and alcoholics. The only salvation is to find a character who will be less annoying than others, and then, you see, something will happen

  4. For example, at the university. Just need to be the most active. Today, adequate and interesting men do not run after women and do not win their hearts. Men today want equal behavioral roles and equal rights, but they do not want to humiliate themselves in front of women, receiving numerous refusals.

  5. If you have a passion, hobby, professional interest in something, if you play computer games, travel, collect – enter the circle of fellow people of interest, perhaps an interesting man will be found there, however, I do not guarantee adequacy.

  6. I can assume that you can meet a normal, adequate, interesting man in your family. Alien, because social competition, all snapped up…

  7. Alyona, is it really impossible to meet a normal, adequate, interesting man in Smolensk? What kind of terrible epidemic has attacked them there??

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