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  1. Among the ancient Romans, the hours of the day corresponded to constellations. For example, the hour before dawn was called ” the hour of the Bull.” And it was considered to be the darkest. The phrase “bull hour” is used to refer to the ability of the human psyche to rationalize the opposite decision as much as possible before making an important decision. For example, a person spent a long time choosing the make and model of a car, weighing it, but when it was time to pay, he started freaking out and trying to change his mind.

    It is recommended to overcome this with effort and self-respect (otherwise, you devalue the decision-making process that you made!)

  2. Almost all the main worldview concepts of the peoples of the world contain the concepts of good and evil, light and darkness, truth and falsehood – they replace each other, fight with each other, alternate, etc.This struggle reaches its greatest tension, culminating in the period of change – which seems to emphasize the value of the victory of good over evil. Hence it went probably. Metaphysics expressed through the contemplation of natural phenomena. No matter how dark it is, you need to believe in the light and hope for the coming of the morning.

    � � � “Before the dawn”N.Minsk Region

    утро Morning is approaching, but it's still night.
    (Isaiah 21: 12)

    Don't be alarmed, you sleepless friend,
    If it gets darker around you,
    If star after star goes out,
    If the moon disappears in the clouds
    And fogs swirl in the meadows.
    It became darker-before the dawn…

    Do not be afraid, inexperienced brother,
    That from their burrows reptiles hurry
    to Take Possession of defenseless land,
    That spiders run, that, hissing,
    A snake woke up in the swamp:
    These reptiles are running-before the dawn…

    Do not be sad that in the darkness of the night
    The people of the dead rest in sleep,
    That in the silence you can sometimes hear
    Just a silly rooster song
    Or the angry grumbling of dogs-.
    This is a dream, this is a bark before the dawn…

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