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  1. * Imitating someone important who behaved like that in the presence of a child. Most likely, there was a general culture of violence in the parent's family and environment. And in a culture of violence, the first person to get impudent is the king.

    * Education in the style of “cult of the child”, when parents strive to meet any needs of the child and forget about their own needs.

  2. These characteristics do not necessarily have to be present at the same time. Impudence can tell you about an anti-social strategy, when the main deep beliefs of a person sound something like this:” I must be the aggressor, otherwise I will be the victim”,” All people are suckers or slugs”,”Everyone exploits everyone, this is life”. The main emotions of a person in this case will be anger about the fact that others have something that they do not possess themselves, but, of course, allegedly deserve, and envy. Or it may be that impudence indicates the poverty of the ways of interaction: they showed only this one, mastered it and acted with varying success.

    The second characteristic is that a person has some idea of how the world should be arranged. For example, this: “I deserve the best in this world.” Or: “I studied at the university for five whole years, so I should be given a job with a high salary.” Since this is an illusion (the world should not be arranged in any way, even if it seems right, kind, desirable, fair, etc.), then when faced with reality, anger, resentment, frustration and the desire to force reality to fulfill the “due” in various ways, including arrogance.

    What matters is not when it first appeared in a person. What matters is why they decide to continue doing this.

  3. 1) From nature 2) Due to a lucky combination of circumstances 3) From observing the socially successful 4) From frustration with their own conformism

    According to my observations, the factors are arranged in this order in descending order of importance.

  4. Possible options. Starting with the fact that this is just your perception.This can also be considered.If we say that this is directly objectively traced in human behavior, then this may be due to copying the behavior of an authoritative person, compensating for their own complexes, and most likely from pride and selfishness, as common vices.

  5. I read the answers as if they were all based on a template. Psychologists immediately to the family, immediately about the fact that everything is because of the parents.

    Here it is necessary to separate the categories of people and the fact that people are all different.

    For example, if you take a job in any organization public, private, or any sole proprietor at the beginning, a person comes mainly with positive traits (we take the beginning of work) Then, through this very work, a person changes, he himself has repeatedly observed such a picture. Impudence becomes very much, in the future, if you move to another job and the direct manager does not put in place, then this person will also throw out all the same things (say, on his subordinates if he is in a managerial position) that he earned at the first job and so on.

    And that's how it all goes

    Of course, then it depends on the person, someone suffers, someone quits, someone becomes the same.

    If a large organization continues to exist. Only the Director or other most important manager can fix such a problem, if he wants to, but as practice shows, in 100% of cases, it's all sideways for them.

    This applies to all people, about the rich I think and do not need to say and so it is clear that they are born believe that they are above all and they can do anything, there are actually a lot of examples.

    Once again, I will say that we are all individual, but work has a very strong impact on a person, because we still work most of our lives and the absolute majority spends much more time at work. (Of course, there are exceptions everywhere and somewhere there are quite a few of them from the fact that a person can work alone and it has nothing to do with him to the fact that he simply does not need to work and is so secured)

    I was talking about people who, say, during school, never showed impudence and so on and did not consider themselves superior to others. I think there is an absolute majority of such people.

    Now another case when this dominance begins to be felt at school, again we are talking about ordinary, not rich people.

    There is already a part of those who are recruited “mind to mind” because of their parents, but I still think the environment plays more here, those with whom a particular person has made friends. And with this, let's not forget about the internal component, because if a person is kind to his soul, he will not be able to be in a gang of bandits for a long time. Over time, he will leave it and treat others with arrogance and contempt, he will not be comfortable.

  6. There are two types of people, those who are rightfully worthy of it because of their length of service, professional qualities or personal qualities, but because of bureaucratic obstacles they did not get it, and the second group of people is mostly lazy, without initiative and envious, these are the ones who are most often and most indignant and strive to attract attention by all means and forces.

    There is no way to hide from such people, but there is a chance to become impenetrable and learn self-discipline in order to break all contacts with such people in time and sharply enough.

  7. These are the foundations of liberalism. It starts with “there is no God”, which means that the place at the top of the social pyramid is free. Then “love yourself”, selfishness puts the person in a vacant position. Everyone, you're in charge, the rest of us should… a lot of things they owe. The most interesting thing is a society consisting of such handsome people. Since everyone considers themselves superior to others, naturally, in general, the mechanism does not work, hence mutual distrust, hatred, aggression.

  8. In my opinion, it is education that gives such qualities. But sometimes it comes with growing up. We get to know the world and understand how to behave in it in order to achieve our goals. And we all want to achieve our goals, but the paths are different.

  9. They are taken directly from the body, which produces varying amounts of hormones that regulate animal and human behavior. Some people have more “arrogance” hormones than others.

    Parenting, that is, the ability to restrain selfish impulses, also affects to some extent.

    (Of course, this is a very simplified explanation of the mechanisms of behavior)

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