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  1. You probably didn't know once that a female praying mantis chews off the male's head after mating. Then we found out. And your ignorance is gone. At the same time with the sunny joyful delight at the sight of these cute light green creatures, which are so funny to shake their hands. That's where it all goes.

    A child is not a special kind of homo sapiens. This is a small, stupid and weak person. And an adult is a big, strong and intelligent person. Touching our children is the oldest instinct of our species, developed in us by nature, so that we, taking advantage of its weakness, do not eat our offspring, but feed and carry them around for 15-18 long years until they grow up. Then the children grow up and we begin to communicate with them as equals. Their childish perception of the world goes away, because it is a congenital defect, a disease from which they recover as they grow up.

    For some, the bright children's perception of the world does not disappear anywhere. These people are called imbeciles. They stop developing at the age of 3 to 8 years and continue to touch us with their touching naive views and statements for the rest of their lives. Some even publish their statements in the public pages of wise thoughts; their naive wisdom is also loved by art-house directors and authors of charity documentaries – it squeezes out a touched tear well. But you've probably noticed that most people don't feel sentimental about imbeciles. This is another of our deepest instincts – our consciousness recognizes “not so”, unlike members of our species at the appropriate age, and inspires us to be wary, no matter how we are trying to convince that they are “the same people as us.”�

    The concepts of pop psychology that have bred as nutria continue to produce trainings on feeding the “inner child”, “returning the child's perception of the world”, etc. And more and more hundreds and thousands of 25-year-old bearded vapers are coming and going around the planet, to whom their mother gives money for trousers with collars, endless studies that they cannot “find the motivation” to finish, and for “self-development” at trainings for opening the wealth channel. But it's much easier and more free to just go to the nearest special store. boarding school and learning from real, not artificial, imbeciles – they will only be glad that they came to talk to them.

  2. We have a child inside us. Always, but everyone has it strangled to varying degrees. By keeping it, a person creates problems for himself. But if you look at it from the point of view of strength, then a person with such a child inside has a better chance of becoming a strong and at the same time creative person.

    The children within us are disappearing because of the wrong approach to this nature. The child has the nature of a researcher and the wisdom to enjoy the little things of life, the absence of stereotypes and excellent adaptation to the surrounding conditions, which is sometimes a stumbling block. For just because of a bad approach to raising a child, parents without knowing it can kill the embryo of a strong person in their children, or discourage interest in studying, and then they are surprised that the child does not strive to learn or hides from the world at home.

    Each person is a unique personality?


    The only thing that's unique is “how life put it together.”

    For our personality is the totality of how reality has affected us. Although there are cases that individuals can live who have a limited awareness and some kind of intuitive beginning, because of which they are formed in spite of the surrounding factors.

    But as I've already heard somewhere. If everyone is unique, then no one is unique… But is it important?)

  3. If children's perception of the world is understood as curiosity and love of creativity, then it does not disappear anywhere, if life allows you to find all the time for this, and not work from call to call.

  4. The child does not need to reproduce, therefore, it can have idealism and a belief in world peace. When a child grows up, he is included in the process of natural selection and understands that he must prove to the whole world that he is not made by a finger, and that he is an attractive man from the point of view of women, i.e. he must be better, smarter, faster, stronger and more beautiful. Competing with others for the right to have their own opinion and the right to lead is a pretty bloody sport, and the fight against women's checks for “lice”is definitely unpleasant. You won't relax. The brain quickly cuts out all ineffective things (dreams, illusions) and sees the right algorithms, teaches moderate rigidity and even cruelty. It teaches you to jealously protect the borders of your external and internal (psychological) territory from encroachments. Also, he must find a worthy partner to form a family and learn how to provide for his offspring. All this is completely contrary to the relatively carefree existence in the child's body and mind.

  5. Children's perception of the world does not disappear anywhere. It develops to adult perception.
    Well, or gets stuck at some stage of development, if the person is infantile.

    Another thing is that it can develop in different ways, and sometimes in a not very constructive way; but if a person is reasonable, then he has the opportunity not to stop at the version of perception that does not suit him and continue to develop it to the desired level.

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