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  1. Good ends with doubt. Where you stop doubting whether you did the right thing, whether you could have done better, where you know for sure that you are on the side of good, evil begins. Because all the most terrible evil in the world was done with full confidence that absolute good was being done.

  2. Where there is harm to anyone.. evil is defined solely by harmfulness.. not by laws and regulations.. you can safely break laws if it doesn't harm anyone.. If, however, even a completely legitimate action causes harm to someone , this is evil.. unfortunately, now norms, laws and good are not the same thing..

  3. In your attitude to events and only there. Objective evil and good do not exist in nature, there are just things that affect us and there are those that do not affect. No one cares about a volcano exploding on Venus, because no one will die from it.

  4. When you go from good to evil, the good ends after passing the point of “duty”, the point of focus of the concepts of proper behavior in each specific situation. Once you've overstepped your duty , you're on the side of evil. It doesn't matter which side you came from initially. Even if it seems that you initially went from evil to good, as soon as you stepped over the right thing, you are again on the side of evil. The very concept of “good-evil”, as a trap of consciousness, arose in philosophical, religious and educational systems after most of humanity moved away from the concept of”due-not due”. When the old system of reproduction of the next generations of people who are able to independently follow the sense of due broke down(in the Old Slavic sense of the word “due-continuation-space of life”). This happened at the border of epochs, eras, and types of humanity. For the most part, modern people are simply not capable of freedom (God willing to give their own). Therefore, they are instilled from childhood with a pendulum between good and evil, God and the devil, pain and pleasure, grief and joy, carrot and stick. Modern humans (already several thousand years old) thus, for the time being, they are kept within a certain framework of decency. Political, religious, economic, ideological, educational and other means. Although the pendulum, but sometimes it is possible to keep at least some boundaries. But many people, even in such a dynamic system, dangling between good and evil as if on a pendulum, constantly try to jump out of the boundaries of “good and evil”, into lawlessness, as even thieves said. The “good-evil” system itself is a kind of evil. But it is believed that this model was once chosen as a lesser evil, in order to avoid the final destruction of the remnants of the old civilization, to survive the transition period when people will once again learn freedom. And they will follow the innate and educated sense of what is due. But we'll wait and see if we borrow it again and continue. All the best.

  5. I don't remember where I heard it:

    One good man wanted to defeat evil. And killed an evil man. And because he killed and became a murderer, he became an evil person. So the number of good people decreased, but the number of evil people remained the same.

    What is Evil and what is Good, everyone decides for himself. What is good for a Russian is death for a German. Good and Evil are also relative. What we choose depends on where we're looking from. Everyone has their own truth. But, they say that there is an absolute. Which, however, no one saw.

    Another version : Evil is the absence of Good. Just as Darkness is the absence of Light, and Cold is the absence of Heat. But, again, Kindness is relative. What food is to the wolf, death is to the hare….At the same time, the wolf is completely evil to me, he just needs to eat.

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