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  1. You see, you can't love only yourself and show concern only for yourself. There is always someone who needs your help, support, and respect. But you can not forget about yourself, turning into an altruist. This is simply fraught with the fact that you will sit on the neck.

  2. The scope of common selfishness ends where it begins to specifically harm others.
    There is nothing wrong with acting solely in your own interests and not causing any problems to anyone.
    However, life is built on this principle.

  3. Taking care of yourself is not selfishness, but, for example, the desire for others to do what you want is already selfishness. It may be healthy and not very strong. If you are a sick person (psychologically or physically), then such selfishness is justified, and if you demand inflated “rules”, but you are not ready to do something similar-this is not selfishness, this is egocentrism

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