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  1. In the sense of “where is the edge”? And what are these related concepts? It's like, ” what's the difference between a crow and a desk?” The Fall is a purely religious concept, and hedonism has nothing to do with religion. The Fall exists where there is such a thing as “sin.” Hedonism does not imply such a category and does not relate to it in any way. The Fall is a single act, hedonism is a philosophy of life.�

    That is, comparing hedonism and the fall is like comparing the warm and the soft. Nothing in common and nothing different-these are completely different phenomena, each existing in its own context, and not in conflict with each other.

  2. The Fall is a violation of one of the Ten Commandments.�
    Hedonism is the doctrine of enjoyment as the goal of life.�
    Where the commandment is violated, hedonism becomes the fall.

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