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  1. It is advisable to start by looking for a person who can provide the learning process in the required area. Relying on your “zero” knowledge, hoping for luck and your own worldview is a lost cause. At best, it will end very quickly, with simple apathy and a sense of inability to move on. There are no outstanding people in any area of human life who have not had mentors.
    If there are no such people, neither in real life, nor on the Internet, anywhere-then books. Take it easy first: artistic and semi-scientific. This is a fairly easy-to-read and analyze literature. Then it is worth moving on to more and more profound topics. And the main thing is that the theory does not remain empty.

  2. Start with yourself, ask yourself the questions “What do I need?”, ” What do I want to achieve/get?”, ” What is the most important thing for me in life? “.Try to do something new and don't be afraid of new opportunities.

    Well, what can I say, well, what can I say? People want to know, they want to know, they want to know what will happen, they want to know what will happen, they want to know what will happen,they want to know what will happen.

  3. I think that you should always start from the end. Since it is the final goal that determines both the beginning itself, that is, the active subject, and the process, namely, the actions that it will perform.

  4. I think by analyzing myself. It is worth sitting down and understanding what you want from life and what attracts you to it in general. It is important to set priorities in it, choose the necessary things and discard unnecessary ones. After that, the picture is already more or less lined up and you are more likely to decide on the vector of your future life))

  5. From the simplest) from the simplest) to make a report or presentation, you must first turn on the computer. To learn to swim, you need to go into the water. To stop smoking, you need to force yourself not to smoke for one day. To change your life for the better, you need to choose one of the negative habits and give it up for a day. Whatever the goal, you need to choose the simplest component of achieving it, and follow it. Good luck)

  6. With yourself, you should always start with yourself

    If you change something, then first of all your habits and perception or something else

    If there are some tasks, then priority should be given to those that you need, that you want, that help you achieve your goals, and so on

    Well, with other things as well, deal with yourself, even if it is necessary to consult with others, this is also a way of self-discovery

    People, no matter how good or bad they are, they come and go, and you will always stay with yourself

    Life also starts with you… and it ends with you, too

    Someone may think that this is an ode to selfishness, but common selfishness (more precisely, not selfishness, but self – love, if you go into terms) is not bad, it is good and it can save your life. If you think only of others and forget about yourself, your desires, your well-being, no one will provide you with this, and you risk remaining unhappy, dissatisfied with life. Even in “bad” (that is, ordinary, with the definition from Wikipedia) selfishness, there is essentially no love for yourself, because doing bad things to other people and giving up on them, you essentially give up on your environment and society around you, and it is important for your prosperous life.

    Perhaps something went to the wrong steppe, but the question was unusual…

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