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  1. To work. This is a powerful factor in growing up. First, the job allows you to gain economic independence from your parents. A person who provides for himself is already much more difficult to perceive as a child, and dictate his conditions to him, “teaching life”.

    Secondly, work contributes to the development of responsibility. If you screw up a part, you can redo it yourself. Mom won't come and help. The shop opens at 8 o'clock – so you need to be at the door by 8. Dad won't let me lie in bed because it's “second period.” If you hit caviar instead of cottage cheese at the checkout, you can make up for it yourself. Grandma won't come and talk the boss out of it.

    And third, work is socialization. Not only vertical, as happens in a family between parents and a child, but also horizontal – with colleagues. These are different types of subordination, these are people of different views, and sometimes diametrically opposed to those who were in the family. These are conflicts, cooperation, and collective responsibility.

  2. Forward, and only forward. Everything will come with time.

    My tips:�

    • travel (even go fishing with batya-travel)
    • connect with other people (adults in particular)�
    • read books (very important, it is from there that you can learn the concept of adulthood)
    • take a walk, meet other people in fun companies
    • learn languages (for the item “travel”, languages are very helpful to understand yourself, to understand life)
    • learn new things (draw, dance, program, solve problems – whatever you like)
    • get educated and develop (no matter how boring school/college is, it's useful)
      Good luck!

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