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  1. Find a partner with the same temperament. If this is not possible for some reason, then try to sublimate it, that is, to transfer it to a new level. For example, take up sports.
    By the way, a person who is able to redirect sexual energy in the right direction, outwardly makes an impression very attractive to the opposite sex.. Much more attractive than a lustful person.

  2. Strange question. Actively engage in sports, focus on work, any physical labor mutes the libido. If you really can't stand it, masturbate as a last resort, or get yourself a sexual partner. In adolescence, boys have nocturnal injections, which spontaneously leads to a drop in sexual energy. Girls have erotic dreams that lead to orgasms, which also allows the body to relax. In general, I believe that sexual energy should be given usefully for the benefit of our native country! You are raising the country's demographics, gentlemen!

  3. The easiest way to reduce excess potential is through masturbation. There is nothing terrible or shameful about this. The second option is creativity of any format, the third is sports. A good workout with iron or a long run will help you get rid of excessive stress.

  4. Hello, thank you for your trust. It depends on what you mean by “energy” and why it should be “devised” and not used for its intended purpose? This is the first recommendation. There is also sublimation-transfer to the highest level (creativity, yoga), but it is not suitable for everyone, especially with a strong type of sexual constitution and at a young age.
    I invite you to an individual consultation to answer only your questions, and not engage in public dialogues about everything and nothing.
    Psychologist-sexologist, Valentina.

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