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  1. If we are talking about the general development of the individual, then I can advise you:

    Deepak Chopra – The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

    If you are ready to accept what is being said here, then this is a practical guide “How to become happy”. And for what else to develop, if not for this? 🙂

  2. Eckhart Tolle – The power of now. The book teaches you to live now, touches on many aspects of life. I've never regretted reading it. I advise you not to read in a continuous manner, but after reading each chapter, reflect, accept and think. All the best! 🖖 🏻

  3. Transurfing reality
    This is a book that people do not come to immediately, you need to be ready for it, and be open to something new
    The book makes you think, so it is quite difficult to read it in a short time, although it is written in simple and interesting language

  4. My choice is probably not trivial, but this is Dickens ' novel Great Expectations, which I read in my youth. To this day, when someone (including myself) feverishly begins to engage in self-development, I remember the direct and merciless question asked to the hero: “Do you want to become a gentleman to annoy her or to win her over?”))

  5. And I always thought that the best book on self-development should be written by a person himself. In the worst case scenario, there will be something to laugh about. At best, there will be something to offer book publishers.

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