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  1. Hello! I believe that the best option for Russia is a monarchy, and an absolute monarchy. No democracy, no social-democracy, no workers ' parties. There should be one monarch-the emperor, in whose hands absolute power will be concentrated. If we recall the history of the Russian Empire, the country successfully developed, conquered new territories, was one of the most powerful powers in the world, and all this was under the monarchs, the one where power was inherited. And what was under the USSR and what is now? The new rulers were trained to run the country, but now no one is being trained, which is a big disadvantage of democracy. In the USSR, there was a struggle for power, each General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) had its own policy. It is worth remembering how things were during perestroika, there was not enough food, there was practically nothing to eat. My opinion is the monarchy. The country would develop. It is a pity that all this is in the past and nothing will happen again. We have a bright future with democracy…

  2. The monarchy doesn't work anywhere else. All over the world, the remaining monarchs play a more or less auxiliary and decorative role. Moreover, it will not work in Russia, since this is not the XIV century, the volume of management tasks has grown enormously and no one person can do it. So, of course, democracy. I think that the ideal format would be a parliamentary-presidential republic. And because of the huge distances, it should be a federation with a high level of authority among the regions and independent local self-government.

  3. Definitely a monarchy. Russia became great precisely because of the monarchy. Democracy is the worst form of government. For this is a form of government in which the winner is not the one who will rule better, but the one who has advertised himself better. We need to get the monarchy back. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice.

  4. A democratic monarchy. The presence of the monarch as an ideological factor and controlling element will, in my opinion, have a positive impact on Russian society, but the monarch should not be an absolute ruler, but a rule-of-law state with the separation of powers and ensuring the rights of citizens should be implemented.

  5. Social democracy is the ideal solution for Russia. Well, or as an option, social liberalism. All the countries of Western, Northern and Central Europe passed through social democracy in the 20th century in one way or another. The famous “Swedish socialism” is also social democracy.

  6. Russia never lived well during the years of democracy. More often, this led to turmoil or decline. In my opinion, the ideal option is a monarchy, but with certain restrictions. Independent court, binding authority of the Council of Ministers and decision-making only with its approval.

  7. As Winston Churchill said, ” Democracy is the worst form of government. Except for all others. “(The quote is not verbatim)

    I cannot but agree that democracy itself is progressive and can develop into a system of government suitable for many. But only with the development of people's self-consciousness, not otherwise.�

    And the monarchy, whatever you think of it, has long since outlived its usefulness.

  8. The question is not put too correctly. Monarchy is indeed a form of government, and democracy is a type of political regime, i.e. a certain characteristic of the form of government. Therefore, for example, it is quite possible to have democracy in a limited monarchy – there are historical cases that illustrate this (with all reservations) and examples in the modern world. In addition to the well-known and democratic monarchy in the UK, there are also parliamentary monarchies in Denmark and Sweden, and peculiar but also quite democratic monarchies in Morocco and Liechtenstein.

    Even in Imperial Russia, during the years of the first convocations of Dumas, such a limited parliamentary monarchy functioned – another question is that the parliament was quickly dispersed, then the revolution – and the years of the Soviet dictatorship.

    But back to modern Russia. As for the choice of regime (democracy or dictatorship)-ask yourself in which country you want to live: in a country with a Yarovaya package, Shuvalov's dogs, and the lack of any legal opportunity to stop all this. Or in a country where you can walk through the streets without looking back, not be afraid to express your opinion in relation to the actions of the authorities, choose really those politicians who represent your interests.

    In this vein, it is not very important whether there will be a single monarch in Russia, who, like the Queen of Great Britain, will “reign, but not rule”. If you really want to play empire, you're welcome. Just don't touch your freedom.

    PS To understand what mode we live in now-we once made a simple and quite fun determinant of bad democracies.�

    Define your political regime

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